Monday, 16 July 2012

Its Permanent!!! The new Essence Fragrances

6 New fragrances are joining the permanent line on Essence stands. Most stockists already have the fragrance stand (my village chemist has had it for about 2 weeks - joy!), and I recommend a little browse.

6 Lovely summer fragrances

Aimed at a younger market (15yr - 25yrs) these are young fresh scents, but don't let that fool you. I am in my 30's now, and I have to admit that most of the scents appealed to even me, and I was hard pressed to choose just one. But as with most Essence bits and bobs, I didn't have to limit myself to just one...

 A 50ml flacon retails at a super reasonable €7.99, and the handbag/beachbag/travelbag/anybag friendly 10ml spritzy bottle will set you back a measly €3.49.
Handy little bottle, Lovely big bottle

These are perfect summer scents. Perfect I tell you. At a bloody fantastic price point. Seriously perfect.

at the Essence Fragrance Launch

The six fragrances are as follows:

Like a walk in the summer rain: refreshing, floral, aquatic and clean
Like a trip to New York: cheerful, fruity, floral and warm
Like a new love: Floral, romantic and modern
Like a day in a candy shop: sweet, sensuous, soft and powdery
Like a first day in spring: fruity, floral and citrus
Like a girls night out: fruity, sparkling, clean.

As I said I struggled to find a favourite, but eventually I settled on the Candy Shop one. Its not as overpoweringly sweet as you would imagine, and even though it is sweet, its a very soft, powdery kind of sweet, and it reminds me a lot of my Most Favourite Fragrance of all time: Very Valentino. Except that Candy Shop is less than a tenth of the price and so I can spray it to my hearts content :)

My 2nd favourite is the New York one. Its warm and citrus notes evoke a late summers day, warm and dry and floral and comforting. Well, that is what it evokes in me. 

The fragrances are all made in France, and all the boxes are properly sealed so you can be sure nobody has spritzed away half the bottle before you buy it :)

No mucky finger marks on your brand new bottle

All in all, every single one of the 6 scents are going to be very popular. Essence has spotted a niche in the market and has filled it nicely with scents that are fun, flirty, extremely well priced and genuinely Lovely.

You can find more info on all the fragrances on and you can find your summer fragrance at your nearest Essence stockist...

gratuitous quirky shot 

I told you my favourites, now you tell me yours...



  1. I'm sure I've seen these in reality but I haven't smelled them, it's a great idea though - I'm always on the lookout for a cheaper perfume in between Birthdays and Christmas when I run out of my favourites! Knowing me I'd probably like the Candy shop one too, I'm a sucker for a sweet-smelling perfume.

    1. These really are fantastic and totally worth checking out as a filler for pressies!


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