Friday, 20 July 2012

A note on shopping around...

I recently took my Other Half into our new "bargain store" I think its called Euro Bargains and its located in the Marshes Shopping Center in Dundalk, Co Louth. He was suitably amazed and came out with a basket full of things that he probably didn't need for less than €20.

I was a bit more selective and stuck to the cosmetic / cleaning products isles. And while the cosmetic section is limited (its nothing like Dealz) it is still offering fantastic value. My favourite buy? Bonus Sized (250ml) Nair tubes. 

These generally cost around €7 - €9 in Boots or chemists...

But these cost me a grand total of €1.50 per tube. Yep: ONE EURO AND FIFTY CENTS. 

I bought 6. Total cost €9. I got 6 tubes for the usual price of One.

Its a happy co-incidence that I prefer Nair to other brands, I find it is more creamy (ie not as liquid so it stays in place instead of running everywhere), and works much quicker without a horrible smell. And at this price.... its a bit of a no brainer...

It pays to shop around... 


  1. It totally does - I am addicted to my local Dealz!

  2. Indeed it does - I love finding great bargains, especially when it comes to basic products that you use regularly.

  3. I love our local Super Savers & Smart Value - Got a complete acrylic nail kit in smart value yesterday for 2 euro, I always stock up on shower stuff & toothpaste there too. Brilliant!


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