Thursday, 5 April 2012

Lacura Night Cream

At the moment, my budget is tighter than Bon Scott's trousers. Don't know who Bon Scott is? Google it and you will understand.

And then to make matters worse everything seems to be running out and emptying faster than my kid brother can chug a beer.

Since I am trying to avoid mineral oil on my face, I am a bit limited to what I can use, that fits into my budget.

So its quite surprising to me that a super-dooper budget friendly supermarket night cream fulfils this need quite nicely.

Step up Aldi, with your Lacura Q10 range and take a bow.

I have been using the night cream for a month now and while I cannot see a massive improvement in my skin, it hasn't done it any harm either. I haven't had the massive breakouts that I got with Nivea's Q10 range. It hasn't given me oil-slick skin (like Nivea did). My skin is soft and moisturised when I wake up in the mornings and even the bit of sensitivity is mostly gone. Although I think this is due to the fact that I am cutting out mineral oils (which Nivea does).

Lacura Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Night Cream with Retinol Complex and Coenzyme Q10 retails at less than €4 (I lost the receipt) and you can get it in your Local Aldi Store.

While this is billed as good "for all skin types" I think those prone to oiliness and sensitive skin will not like this as it is fairly rich and quite fragrance heavy. To me, it smells just like the Nivea Body cream that you get in the blue and white tin. And while some people either love or hate it, I don't mind it so much. After all I am just gonna go to sleep so....

50ml of cream comes in a frosted glass jar with a navy plastic lid. A Jar. No biggie for me, cos I would have just washed my face and my fingers would be clean. But I know it may bother some. What I really like is the foil hygiene seal on the top of the jar. So you can be guaranteed that no other eejit has stuck their fingers in your jar.

You don't need too much of this to do your whole face and neck. In fact, if you use too much, you will be left with a greasy film on your face, so: easy does it. It absorbs into my skin very quickly, and my skin immediately feels soft and moisturised.

And when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels pretty good. Its not too oily, it doesn't feel tight. My cheeks feel soft and plump and although it hasn't really made a massive difference to my Comma One (its not an Eleven yet... you know those lines between your eyebrows... and mine looks like a comma point and a One), I hadn't really expected it to perform miracles.

Also its only been a month, and even then I am not expecting mad miracles. I just want something mineral oil free and cheap that will not rile my skin and cause massive breakouts. this is doing just that.

I am about a quarter of the way through the little jar. That equates to less than €1 per month for night cream. Can you say Value out of the Whaazoooo? I can!

Ok, so the cream is more of a cream-gel, once you warm it between your fingers it goes all liquidy and water and I pat it onto my face and then massage it in gently and it absorbs instantly. Instantly. You need to work fast. And the smell is gone within 10 minutes.

And then I discovered that the label peels off the jar if you don't want to give away your cheap-ass secret.

So one month in, and I haven't had a dry patch or a major breakout. My skin is really, really feeling great. This fits into my budget very well. And the fact that it is mineral oil free is a huge plus. Here is the ingredients list...

This gets 2 thumbs up from me. I Like it.


  1. I'm convinced. Looking for product at a good price but it is a lot higher than most ppl have said they paid! like the jar too might even be able to reuse it (I am a tinkerer like to come up with my own concoctions and repot things.) tx for review.

  2. My dentists wife recommended this product and I LOVE it. It is inexpensive and it does work. I'm 62 and I look 50 from great genes. Thank goodness I found this, I was using Clinique, they were taking me to the bank and their products weren't doing as good of a job. I love Lacura, I use day and night cream.


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