Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I Love Olive Oyl

I blogged previously about Polish brand Ziaja and how much I loved their cocoa butter cream, which worked miracles on my sore dry irritated skin.

I picked up 3 gift baskets for half price, separated the products and gave some bits away as presents, but I held onto the Natural Olive Body Lotion (and some other things...).

400mls of lotion (which is white) comes in a soft white plastic bottle with a handy pump. And it smells heavenly. Like standing in the middle of a garden filled with fresh delicate flowers.

Its a light lotion that spreads easily and one pump dispenses a good amount of cream that is suited to applying on the body, so that you are not pumping away frantically to get enough cream to do a limb. It does take a little while to fully absorb though, not ages, but its not immediate either.

My skin feels lovely after applying, its silky and soft and most definitely moisturised. And my skin smells like flowers. Flowers I tell you. Its lovely going to bed smelling like flowers.

This does contain mineral oil, but since I am not using it on my face, I will give it a pass, this time. All ingredients are approved by Ecocert. And while it does say that you can use this on babies 6 months and up, I wouldn't use this on my own daughter as mineral oil is one of her eczema triggers. So I would go easy with this if you have sensitive skin.

It is a good, cheap body lotion that does what is says on the tin. No more, no less.

You can purchase this online from http://www.originalbeauty.ie where it retails at €6.09, or you can check out their website for stockists: http://www.ziaja.ie

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  1. My Mum won a hamper of their stuff recently, I forgot to ask her if she got it yet - thank you for the reviews, I'd never heard of it before!


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