Friday, 10 February 2012

Back to the 80's...

I decided to rock some 80's eye shadow this week. What do you think?

It's the blue out of the Sleek Storm Palette. Its a very petty dark metallic blue in the palette, but on application, its not nearly as dark on the lid.

I have been practising my winged liner. But since I am a big chicken, its just a thin line.  This is the Essence Liquid liner in Black. Its my first liquid liner and I found it fairly easy to work with. Lashes are coloured with Avons super curlacious mascara.

on closer inspection, I need to blend more... 

On the lips: this is the one I have 4 of. Its the Avon Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact Lipstick in "Never So Nude". Its a warm, neutral nude with more of a brown undertone, that I think would suit most skin tones. Its very comfortable to wear with no sign of drying, even after wearing it for 8 or 9 hours and constantly re-applying in that time frame.

Its the only one I have from this range, so I can't comment on the other shades, but this colour is a bit sheer. Layering doesn't help the colour to attain "Mega Impact" status. But then this is a nude. So.

It wears off evenly, possibly a bit too quickly for my liking (about 2 hours) ,but its even and you aren't left with a funny fade pattern. Its pretty shimmery finish is perfect for understated looks (which I am partial to), although some may find it a bit of a "meh" colour.

Its still my "slap it on quick" lipstick. And I like it. RRP is €11, but look out for special offers, cos I got mine for around €5 or €6. Its Avon, so wait for it to come on offer!!!

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  1. You look great! Have a lovely weekend!


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