Monday, 28 November 2011

when last have you worn...

a dress?

A proper dress. Not a sundress. A proper going-out-getting-dressed-up-to-go-out-dress. I think the last time was at my wedding.

I was never really a dress person. Don't get me wrong, I love dresses. I love dresses on other people. I love looking at them. I have agonised over a dress in a shop, but I have never bought one. But...

You can't climb over a wall in a dress. Well, you can (I did), but not without flashing your undies to any on-lookers.

You can't change a tyre on a car in a dress. Well, you can, but you look pretty silly squatting over a tyre and jumping on the wheel spanner to loosen the nuts. And then (if you are me) you get your dress stuck in the jack and you rip it. And you get brake dust all over it when putting the flat tyre into the car.

You can't look elegant falling over your own feet in a dress. Well, maybe somebody else can, but I just end up with carpet burns on my knees, my ass in the air, and the skirt of my dress covering my head.

Those are true stories btw.

So now that we have set the base line, and I have established that I am the clumsiest of klutz's and most accident prone people.

But I am now starting feel like I need to re-visit the idea of a dress. Just in time for Christmas.

So I have been looking at these from :

It goes without saying that I will be wearing lovely woolly tights and Hopefully a new pair of boots. 

So what do you think? Should I take the plunge? Or should I just stick with my usual of a cosy jumper and jeans? 

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  1. Go for it! I wore a dress a few weeks ago for the first time since my Communion (slight exaggeration) - am not comfortable in dresses at all, but there are so many nice ones out there now that it'd be a shame not to get one (or all) of the above!

  2. Just do it! Dresses are uber cool!


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