Wednesday, 16 November 2011

bronze on brown...

doing a bit of reading online, I have come to realise that the ELF Brightening Eye Colour isn't getting great reviews. They look fantastic in the pan, but initial swatching is a bit disappointing.

I have been guilty of this myself. I ordered two of these, swatched them and thought thank goodness they only cost £1.50. So I left them at the bottom of the drawer.

In the box of goodies I won from The OPI Junkie, I received another two of these little sets. Only difference is that one of them got a bit bashed and had broken up a bit. Ah well. I opened it up and cleared off the worst of the bronze powder, closed the lid and thought "Wow, these are such pretty colours, sigh".

And then I checked my fingers. Hold on now.... maybe.... I have an idea. 

So I got out a shadow brush and loaded that baby up. Literally breaking the powder up, packing the bristles with colour and then applying. It makes all the difference. Its still subtle, but the pay-off is much much better. 

I have only done the with one of the pallets, Day 2 Night, so I am hoping the other pallets will yield the same results as I have managed to get 4 different pallets. 

This is today's look. Its subtle, the bronze colour changes in the light, so even though I only patted a single colour onto the lid, it looks like I have done some shading with other colours and I haven't! For £1.50, this is a total Bargain. 

This is what I used...

Penney's Prime of your Life Face primer  - on and next to my nose, under eyes, and on center of forehead. Then I used Catrice Photo Finish Liquid foundation all over.

Then using ELF's Day 2 Night pallet, I used the lightest shade on the brow-bone, and the bronze (top right) all over the moveable part of the lid. I didn't blend it in I just patted it on and rubbed it in.

Then I lined my top lid with the thinnest line possible using Essence Liquid Eyeliner (black) €1.29. THis is great stuff, its easy to work with, is BLACK, and is cheap as chips. As long as you let it dry, it longevity is pretty good.
apparently its not just my earrings...

just noticing how skew my eyebrows are....

I also filled in my brows with an Avon Oldie... Professional Brow Pencil by Jillian Dempsey (McDreamy's real life wife) in Slate.

For my lips I used Eyeko London Lips Lip Gloss in Portobello. This is a yummy, yummy gloss. Bubble Gum Yummy. It is very sticky, but its so moisturising. My lips have never been in such good condition. Its a lovely pinky-nudey gloss with a beautiful gold shimmer. I am slowly starting to like glosses, I am still not used to the stickiness, but this one is very moisturising.

On the tops of my cheeks I used an ELF Studio Blush in Gotta Glow to highlight (£3.50) and as an actual blush on my cheeks I used ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow (£1.50) a beautiful peachy gold powder that blends nicely. 

left - Gotta Glow, Right- Glow

The finished face. Easy peasy 10 minutes. I finished my lashes with Avons Colour trend Plump Out Mascara in Black (€6.50)

You can't really see the blusher, I am still a its lightly lightly until I am a bit more confident...

Have you tried any of the ELF Colours? I am still amazed at how cheap they are and the quality of some of the products.


  1. You look great, that bronzey eye colour really suits you.

  2. Such a pretty look! Really natural but still a nice bit of definition! x

  3. i like your ideas and the style of this blog.

    Check out mine i let me know what do you think about?


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