Friday, 7 October 2011

the bee's knees...

I love my mom. She really is the Business. She is only ever a phone call away ans I love that every few months she sends me a small care package of bits she has bought for me or the kids. She often includes a little jar of some weird cream she has found as she knows how I am always looking for the perfect moisturiser for my daughter who has eczema. Yeah, we are still searching

 So when she arrived for a visit in August, with this jar (125ml) of multi-tasking balm called Bee Natural, I was a little skeptical.

This claims it is "The ultimate 100% pure natural Body & Healing Balm made with non-irradiated enriched honey, beeswax and propolis". It contains Cera Alba (wax from the actual hive), Olea Europaea Fruit Oil (Olive oil) and Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (sunflower seed oil).  So all natural, with no perfumes, mineral oils, colourants or preservatives.

The back label says its "to aid healing, to nourish and to beautify". It also lists a whole lot of... er... lets call them   'conditions' that you can use this balm on. And its a very varied list. Everything from dried cracked heels, sore lips, sunburn, insect bites, boils, pimples, eczema, chicken pox, and nappy rash. In short a miracle cream. Or is it?

On opening it smells a bit like the bottle of sunflower cooking oil that you forgot you had at the back of your cupboard. Its not pongy or off smelling, but it has the whiff of Sunflower oil. It looks waxy and you need to scrape it out of the jar. I use the back of a teaspoon to get it out.

It starts melting as soon as you rub it into your skin and the smell dissipates quickly. It is GREASY. But its made of 2 different oils and a Wax, so what do you expect? It takes a little while to sink in, but it does go in. The wax forms a protective barrier on your skin. Its not an in-your-face waxy feel at all. Its a bit difficult to describe, but its not at something that is noticeable or unpleasant.

It is a brilliant moisturiser. I get odd little dry flakey patches of sin on my one arm. the bane of my existence as they itch and flake and irritate me. I rubbed a bit of this onto it one night and promptly forgot about it. I remembered the following night when I sat down next to the jar to watch a bit of tv, so I checked the patches... and they were GONE! YAY!!!! Hallelujah!

I am liking this balm. I have used it on my hands and cuticles, on my feet, on my lips, on my elbows and knees. On the kids scrapes and cuts. On my Daughters eczema. It seems to relieve the itch for a while and help the healing process for her.

So , if you can get your hands on this, do it. It would be perfect for runners/walkers who need a barrier cream for their faces for winter. Or for dry skin, anywhere on the body. Or Cuticles.

My mom bought this bottle for me in Dischem (a South African super pharmacy) for zaR60.00 (€6).

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