Friday, 2 October 2015

The Book Lover's Tag

A bit of fun on a Friday!! I haven't seen a good tag in a while and this is a rather lovely one! I love books, and although all my new ones are on the kindle, all my favourite actual books are either in a box in the attic, or on the book shelf for the kids.

I was tagged by the lovely Kayleigh from Kayleigh Land, so lets get to it:

1. Do You Have A Specific Place For Reading?
I used to be able to read anywhere. But now with the kids I read in bed before I turn the lights out. Its the way I switch my brain off.

2. Bookmark or A Random Piece Of Paper?
Usually its the latest piece of artwork from the kids. But with a kindle, there is no need.

3. Can You Stop Anywhere In A Book Or Do You Have To Finish The Chapter?
If the book is really good then I will need to read until the book is done. But generally I will read until my eyes start closing, more often than not its the middle of the chapter. When I pick the book up again I will turn back a page or two and skim to refresh and then I'm good.

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4. Music Or TV While You Are Reading?
I like it quiet. Very quiet. No distractions.
5. Do You Eat Or Drink While Reading?
Yes. But I try not to. I will eat the whole bag of what ever I decide to eat... its not a good thing.

6. One Book At A Time Or Several?
Many non-fictions... but only one fiction at a time. I like to fully immerse myself in the fantasy world.

7. Reading At Home Or Elsewhere?
I can read anywhere I can get comfy. I like sitting in my house and reading but I can read while I travel or go and sit in a coffee shop with some tea and a good book while I wait to meet people.7

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8. Read Out Loud Or Silently?
Silently. Unless I am reading with the kids... then we share the pages.

9. Do You Read Ahead Or Skip Pages?
Not always. I generally like to enjoy the whole journey, but if the book is moving slowly I will skim and flick forward to a juicier bit.

10. Breaking The Spine Or Keep It Like New?
I do try to keep it new... but it never stays that way.

11. Do You Write In Your Books?
Unless its my name in a book I am about to lend out or a book meant for notes, no, that is what post-its are for.

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  1. Thanks for the tag, Cindy. Looking forward to doing this one!


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