Monday, 28 September 2015

Ziaja: skin kind products

I do love me a bit of Ziaja, the Polish budget busters that do fantastic products that are genuinely lovely. I think if I could find them more readily in my locale I would have more of them in the house, as it is I have to order them off Original Beauty which isn't a train smash as shipping is free for orders over €30, but I rarely need thirty squids of Ziaja bits so... I clearly need to save up, buy in bulk and chuck them under the bed for when I need em.

So when these Giants appeared with my Postman I did a happy dance and immediately put these in the shower for use. As I said, I LOVE me some Ziaja. Srsly.

The Cocoa Butter range is pretty awesome. I have already blogged about the cocoa butter scrub and the cocoa butter creamy shower soap which is damned good value at just €2.99 for 500ml. It is creamy and moisturising and lovely and smells amazing. This shower gel would be the most perfect thing to use if you are using fake tans as it contains ingredients that nourish the skin and that will prolong your tan. Also, 500mls costs less than €3!!!!

The other cocoa butter product is the Ziaja Cocoa Body Butter. "Flavoury & nourishing"... whats not to love about that description? Now I haven't tasted it, but it smells like summer. And this doesn't contain mineral oil so I am more than happy to let Hannah use this as it won't affect her eczema. 200ml costs €7.99, this will go far as it is so rich and flavoury...

The next two products are new to me. Ziajamed Atopic Dermatitis range is aimed as folks who are highly reactive to ingredients and folks with the most common kind of eczema. Which is brilliant. The range contains 3 products which all contain ingredients which mimic the skins lipid composition and helps to restore the skins protective barrier function as well as ingredients to help reduce itching, which is the most frustrating aspect of eczema, especially in small kids. I cannot tell you how many sleepless nights the hubs and I had because of Hannah's itches. How I wish this range was around 8 years ago.

Right, so Ziajamed Atopic Dermatitis Bath and Shower Oil is great in the shower. It comes out looking like sunflower oil and has that same texture, but if you lather it it does actually foam. I wouldn't use this in the bath really, as I like to wet my skin then shut off the water, dispense into my hands, spread over my body and then work it into the skin creating a bit of foam and then turn on the water and rinse it off. This leaves a protective film on the skin that helps to trap water against the skin to intensify hydration. This works well on a shower puff too and Hannah and I really like this. I will deffo be getting a few bottles of this to get us through the winter. 270ml costs €9.99 which is on the upper end of their price range, but this bottle lasted us a solid 2 months of every day use. It is GOOD.

Ziajamed Atopic Dermatitis Body Lotion is one I didn't even get a look in at. Hannah claimed it when it arrived and it lived in her room for 3 months. This 400ml bottle had a decent pump top that makes dispensing the lotion easy, so easy Hannah can do this on her own without making a mess. You get a very decent 400mls for €8.49 and this helped keep Hannah's skin well moisturised, which is so incredibly important when you have reactive skin.

 Hannah flung the empty bottle at me and asked for the next one. Which I don't have. Yet. But this stuff is so good (we have been able to cut down on the amount of steroid cream we use) I need to get more as soon as payday rolls around.

While I was hopping around the Original Beauty website I spotted something that I am going to have to get my hands on:

image via
Cocoa butter body spray??? YES PLEASE! Recommended for before sunbeds of sunbathing (pfft, like I have the time to lie in the sun or the absence of brain cells to use a cancersunbed) this will see me though the winter quite nicely. This is going to live in my shower and I will use it while my skin is still wet. I want it. It is on my list.

I need to find a pharmacy in Dundalk that stocks Ziaja so that I can go in and get something every month (I hate paying for postage), they have really fab products and I want more of.

Is there anything you've tried that I need to have a go of? Let me know in the comments!

**PR Sample gratefully received, opinions always my own


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