Wednesday, 9 September 2015

More essence. And a wish list...

I did say I was going to pick up another of the essence Liquid Lipsticks and I did. I also picked up the only makeup brush on the stand at the time, the essence eyeshadow brush. Because honestly, it was just too pretty to leave.

Essence Liquid Lipstick in 03 Almost Real is well pigmented and feels just as lovely on the lips as Show Off. As Lorraine said on snapchat, these are more of a highly pigmented gloss than a lipstick, but I don't care, I still love them! €3.09 is the damage and I think it is more than reasonable for this little gem. Its comfortable on & doesn't stick to dry lips in unsightly patches. I need more of these. SO as soon as my stand is stocked with the full range (there are 6 colours) I will get them all.

This is the essence eyeshadow brush. It is pink. It costs €1.59 and it is pretty good at picking up colour and packing it on to the lid. Actually it is better than pretty good, it is damn good. It works a treat with shadows that prove difficult to apply.

It is quite densely packed and this makes it a bit stiffer than my usual ELF eyeshadow brushes, but this stiffness means that you get more control over placing eyeshadow, I was actually able to manage and pretty good bronze eye without all the colours smudging into brown sludge on my eyelid! Also look at the detail of the pattern on the handle... gawjus!

So now I want all of the brushes that essence are hopefully going to put on Irish stands soon:

1 - essence blush brush - I only have one angled blush brush, so I may as well get another
2 - essence eyeshadow blending brush - can never have enough blenders, I hope this one is nice
3 - essence lip brush - I don't have any lip brushes. I need one, it may as well be this one if the bristles are short and stiff enough
4 - essence powder brush - I love a good powder brush.
5 - essence kabuki brush - there was a pink&blue flamingo one in one of their last collections. Shoulda picked it up!
6 - essence foundation brush - I'm not going to use this for foundation. No, THIS style of brush is PERFECT for applying face masks evenly.

I don't have prices for these yet, but I'll update as soon as I do, I can't imagine that the powder brushes would be more than a 5er, especially as the eyeshadow brushes are less than €2.

There are also new nail stickers coming. These look like rose gold, and they also look like I need them. And there will also be a Nail & Cuticle Tattoo Liner, which just sounds all kinds of awesome and Imma need that too.

I know that the new essence palettes have been all over the "bloggosphere" lately and I went and picked up two of them to try. I'll have a post up with these featured soon!


  1. I love a good powder brush, looking forward to seeing those on stands!

    1. Same here! But I must say I am reaching for that little essence eyeshadow brush more and more (I bloody have to wash it every day though) because it is really quite good at packing colour on! I clearly need more of them...


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