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Make-Up Studio Professional Make Up & Beauty Academy

I was recently invited to attend a Contouring Master Class at Beauty Academy in Drogheda. Beauty Academy is run by Linda Ennis, a beauty industry veteran having worked her way through the ranks in the likes of Vichy, Estee Lauder, Lancome and Clinique, she set up a school of her own to follow her passion: Training. And not just makeup, she & her team do the whole beauty therapy she-bang out of her studio that overlooks the quay in Drogheda.

As I was a guest of Linda at the masterclass, the fee was waived for me (€50 but the full fee is redeemable against Make -Up Studio products which is a really nice touch) and I settled down to watch Berenice work her magic. We were 8 in the class and it was the right amount, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. We were encouraged to ask questions and Berenice asked us questions to make sure we understood the techniques she was demonstrating. I appreciate that. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I can't wait for the next masterclass so I can brush up (bah-dum tish) on more techniques.

I was also sent home with some pretty amazing Make- Up Studio Professional Make-Up products to play with and I am very, very impressed:

Make-Up Studio Translucent Powder 1 is the lightest of the colours in the Loose powders fo the range. There are 4 colours in the range (1, 2, 3 & 4) and go from light to very dark. A 20g shaker style post costs €17.90. This is ultra light, and even though this isn't the Extra Fine version (yes... they do all 4 colours in an Extra Fine variation!) this is so finely milled that it melts into the skin to help set makeup and keeps shine at bay. #1 is very light, too light for me unless I use it sparingly on the areas where I used the lightest of the contour colours and really work it into my skin.

But in the interest of thoroughly testing its oil control properties I have buffed this all over my foundation and left it for the day to see how it fared. I am very impressed with this. It set my foundation and kept it looking pretty much perfect over the space of 14 hours. Towards the very end of the day I noticed a bit of shine on the tip of my nose, and my chin (places I touch frequently), but my forehead still looked flawless. So now I need shades #2 and #3...

Look. At. This. Just LOOK. This is the Make-Up Studio Highlighter Mousse 1. This is the gold one. 2 is cooler and more pearlescent. But this gold-y one is just gorgeous. A whipped mousse texture that blends so easily if you work it too much it disappears. 15mls comes in a heavy glass, screw top jar that costs €25.50. Something that is interesting with this is that it works really well over powdered skin. The texture allows you to pat and blend this over powder without moving or disturbing foundation.

On my cheekbones and cupids bow this gives a gorgeous glow, but it looks really amazing when used in the inner corner or my eye or patted onto the center of my eyelid. I love it on my eyes. But in the pics below you can see the pretty glimmer it gives on cheekbones and down the nose... Oh yeah... and it smells delicious, like fresh baked cookies!

The third thing I was given is actually 6 things. The 5 pan box costs €10.50 and comes with a matte touch lid and a massive mirror. And you don't have to use it for the contour products: this fits the eyeshadows, lipstick pans and blushers too.

The actual contour pans are a highly pigmented cream foundation called Face It Cream Foundation. But if you buy these together as a "contour kit" then the total cost comes to €54.50 (5 colours and the box/palette). The formulation is ultra creamy & coverage with this is very high, but it does melt into the skin really nicely. It feels comfortable, doesn't settle into pores and the finish looks really natural, despite being high coverage. In the pics below (top in a relatively shady spot bottom in bright light) I swatched all the colours and you can see how even though I haven't blended them the finish is really lovely.

Right. If you've stuck with me this far, Well done! Want to see me put everything to the test? All the bits I learned in the masterclass and all the products:

bare faced,              foundation only,               contour step 1

I started with a clean, moisturised face. While Berenice started with a primer, I skipped this step as I wouldn't be going heavy duty, this was for a day face, so a lighter look for the bright sun. I applied foundation (a sample of the new Boots No7 Airbrush Away foundation in Warm Ivory) and used a Beauty Blender to get stuck in.

Contour un-blended,                     all blended in,                      highlighter applied lightly 

Then I blended everything. And I blended some more. And a bit more. Just to make sure. I dipped the tip of the beauty blender into the highlighter and patted it onto my cheekbones and what was left on the sponge I patted very lightly down the bridge of my nose and my cupids bow.

I buffed in the translucent powder all over to set the contour, then did my brows and eyes. A bit 'o blush and tinted lip balm and I was ready to rock. Or go do the groceries.

This was my first time trying a proper contour technique. It took me about 35 minutes to get everything applied and blended to the point where I was happy enough with it. I applied everything very lightly, and in truth I could have gone much heavier and I since then I have been going a bit darker (and lighter) and working more at getting the placement and blending right. But for my first attempt I am happy enough with what I achieved.

I can't wait to try even more of the Make-Up Studio Products, they are well priced and so incredibly pigmented, the samples I played with were an absolute joy to work with. If you are interested, there are two Master Classes happening this year:
Autumn/Winter Looks Master Class         Tues Oct 20th 2015
Christmas Party Looks                                 Tues Dec 1st 2015

Classes cost €50 and as I said the FULL fee is redeemable against products. Contact Linda or any of her Admin girls at: Beauty Academy, 10 Wellington Quay, Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland
Call: 041 980 4799

**Post contains samples gratefully received for review, opinions always my own.


  1. i am very impressed! the products look amazing (love that highlighter) and you are positively glowing. i love the subtle contoured look a lot more than the heavily made up style.

    1. Aw Thanks Grace... the products are really lovely and I am looking forward to the next masterclass!

  2. This is a great post. Love your contouring pics. Could do with some of those Master Classes down here in the Waterford/Kilkenny area. Would love to learn more on about contouring, I look a vlog's but they make it look so much easier than it is. Great blog.

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  4. That's interesting! Can you please share more about it? Thank you.

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