Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Skincare Closet

I got the most wonderful compliment on my skin from my new Favourite Makeup Artist: Ciara Allen. Which has prompted me to do get my bum in gear and do a series of posts on what I'm using on my face at the moment. Cos when a MUA compliments your skin and you haven't paid her... you must be doing something right.

I've upped my game when it comes to my skin lately, and its showing. And its not just products (but they are a massive help), I've cleaned up my diet massively over the last month or so, cutting out bread and wheat products nearly completely (its not as hard as it seems) and I have cut down on my sugar intake massively (this is hard... I am still struggling). I've been much more careful about what I am putting near my face, and I have gotten into a nice little groove with it. I have also been working on developing more of a Product Closet than a strict routine. The only thing that is strict is that it happens properly Every. Single. Morning.  & Every. Single. Evening.

My morning routine has already been documented in this post, and the only thing that is varying is that I might occasionally use REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial mask on a Sunday morning when I am getting up.

My evening routine is more loosey goosey with regards to what I am using. It depends on what my skin is feeling like and how late it is and how tired I am.

I am normally at home and have my shower at 8pm after the kids are settled. I always double cleanse at night and I am alternating my treatments. Glycolic Acids and Retinols and hydration are taking top spots at the moment, and I will do proper reviews over the next few posts.

Some of these products are very spendy, but I saved (bloody hard) for them. Some I was sent to review, but they all get the same treatment. If it is in the following posts, it's because I fell in love with them, and I will probably not be without them from now on.

My skin is changing as I get older. I am still battling pigmentation, which, after much research, I have realised is actually Melasma (pigmentation caused by pregnancy), this makes me very sad as it is tough and expensive to get rid of. So for the moment they are just large freckles...

I'm well into my mid (late) 30's now, and my skin is starting to change. I am embracing the change, regretting all the skincare sins of my youth and looking forward to see how much it is going to change. Maybe you will find something useful/new to try in the posts that follow!

As always... thanks for reading!

**Samples provided for review, Opinions always my own


  1. Am of a similar age, so am very much looking forward to this series of posts! ;)

    1. I hope you find something in my posts that will add a bit of extra pep into your routine Katherine! Thanks for commenting!


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