Monday, 3 August 2015

its all about MeMeMe Arch Angel

I found a brow product that might just knock my beloved essence Make Me Brow off of its top spot. Mememe Arch Angel is a clever little thing: 2 products in a double sided container that takes up very little room in your makeup bag or drawer. And I am really liking it.

A proper brow gel and a gorgeous highlighter in one, Arch Angel is the brow product I am reaching for most since it arrived in its snazzy little box. And it is truly angelic. Retailing at €10,50 this little duo punches way above its budget price bracket.

The brow gel side is available in two colours: Light Brown and Dark Brown, I got Dark Brown to play with. The brush tends to pick up a lot of the gel, but its not a train-smash because the small brush offers very precise control over where the gel goes. Pigmentation is great, as the gel coats each hair with a lovely dark brown that isn't red based. And the gel holds brows in place strongly without stickiness or stiffness. I like it. The packaging is also pretty.

The highlight side had a doe-foot applicator, which is perfect for the kind of formulation of the highlighter. Its thick and full of pearlescent shimmer, but it does blend easily. And as long as you use a very light hand you will avoid looking like you sneezed into a pot of glitter pigment. I like to use this as a highlighter on my cheekbones instead of my eyebrow arches though... Its a bit much for day-time eyes, but its ok on the cheeks. Its also lovely as an accent in the corner or your eye. You need so little, this is going to last ages, as long as you use a light hand!

Arch Angel is a bit more expensive than the essence brow gel, but if you consider you are also getting a highlighter, that makes it easier to hand over the tenner and change. It also works better than the essence one when it comes to holding hairs in place all day.

MeMeMe cosmetics are available in pharmacies around Ireland.

**PR Sample gratefully received, Opinions my own 

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