Friday, 28 August 2015

A Birthday Bash and New Lush Bath Bits

We love Lush in this house. The kids and I will quite happily spend an hour browsing the goodies that cover the shelves and plates in the store, chatting with the staff (who always love to take the kids to choose a bath bomb to "detonate") about whats new or changed or just something that interests us. And with the seasons changing you KNOW that there are going to be new bits!

Our nearest Lush is in Newry which is where Hannah decided she wanted to have her 10th Birthday with a few of her friends. This was super fun, and not just for the girls, who got to sashay down the "runway" and swish their hair at the end, make knot-wrap shopping bags, and create bath potions by mixing different products but for the momma too, who got to have a lovely hand and arm massage while the girls had the run of the store.

We opted for a weekday party, just when they opened so that the girls would have the run of the store without getting in the way of other shoppers. And while there were a few customers, we didn't get in their way so it worked out really well as the girls were all over the place looking and touching and feeling and smelling.

We were so well looked after by the Newry staff, who followed a little plan to keep things moving, without overwhelming the girls or letting them get bored. I also opted for the Cupcake Face Mask add on: the girls got to make their own super fresh batch of Cup Cake Face Masks, which they got to take home, and there was enough left over for Me to get one too!

I simply cannot fault the staff, all of the girls were well looked after and nobody was left out, lots of games and even more prizes meant that each of the girls got something and the birthday girl was super chuffed with her special birthday present. All I did was bake  a few mini cupcakes to take in with us and some juice and we were sorted. An easy choice for girls in an awkward age where they're too old for princesses (not that mine was into that at all) and they've already done movie parties.

We went back a few days later to go and choose some bits to add to our already heaving stash. You can never have enough Lush.

Honey I Washed My Hair Solid Shampoo Bar (£5.75)

We got a dog. But he's still a pup and I didn't want to irritate his skin with doggy shampoos that contain some odd ingredients. So I opted for something gentle, nourishing, with a smell that isn't over powering. He smells amazing after he is dried, not massively fragranced, but he smells like he's been rubbed down with a soft vanilla scented cloth. We like it. He isn't complaining either and the honey is antibacterial but nourishing, perfect for mucky-pups. This bar is just for Flash, no sharing.

Honey Bee Bath Bomb (£3.35)

This was Liamo's pick. It reminds me a lot of Butter Ball as far as the scent goes, sweet and warming. The Rassoul Mud offers a gentle cleanse while the Honey is healing and the Aloe Vera is soothing. Everything you could ask for in a bath after being soaked to the skin taking the dog for walkies. Sweet Wild Orange Oil is soft and uplifting, filling the whole upstairs with sweetness. Be sure to rinse the bath after though as the mud can stick (and dry) and make the next bath a bit odd...

I break all our bath bombs in half or quarters depending on how full the bath is, so we get  our moneys worth.

The Experimenter Bath Bomb (£3.95)

I can always trust that Hannah will choose the craziest bath bomb on offer. The Experimenter fits her to a tee: All of the colours, popping candy and but tomboy-ish. The bath is blasted with colour and glitter and a lovely complex spicy scent that is wonderfully masculine to my nose, like stealing your husband/boyfriend's aftershave. This is spectacular when the whole thing is dropped in the bath, but Hannah is choosing her colours, since we chopped this into 4.

Milky Bath Bubble Bar (£3.75)

This was my choice. Based on the Milky Bar Chocolate, this is sweet, comfortingly creamy and soft. Break off a chunk (a thumb sized chunk is good), crumble it under running water and watch the bath get overwhelmed with velvety bubbles: more than enough for a bubble beard or a milk mustache. Not a lot of shimmer or glitter in this, just a lovely milkiness that leaves your skin so soft and delicately scented. Next to Rose Jam Shower Gel, Milky Bath is my favourite Lush product.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb (£3.95, but this was very kindly gifted to us)

Because the kids were so polite and calm and engaging in the store, they were gifted Intergalactic in the spirit of paying it forward ie: doing something nice for a stranger just because. This is something that I have been teaching my kids since they were small: Karma, what you put out into the world will come back at you, and I love that there is a store that is embracing it too.

Intergalactic is the one we haven't tried yet, and even though Peppermint oil is listed, I can't smell it... but I think this is going to make for a stimulating, uplifiting bath, perfect to get you going on a cold morning.

While we were in Lush Newry we got to try the new Frozen Bath Bomb and it gave us an idea that we sent off to Head Office when we got home. Fingers crossed the product developers see something in it and it gets made!

Its safe to say that we will be lush fans until we die... their bath bombs and bubble bars are a weekly treat for all of us!

So you have a favourite? Have you tried any of these Lush goodies or do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments...


  1. that is such a great idea that they have birthday parties there, i didn't know that! sounds like great fun!

  2. This was so enjoyable to read, what a fantastic idea for a party - the perfect place for that age group, it's so hard to strike that balance between child and teenager and this sounds like a lot of fun! I'm not at all familar with Lush, a lovely friend sent me a few bits last Christmas and I really liked the Hot Toddy shower gel so I'll be on the look out for that again this year :)


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