Monday, 20 July 2015

Uhmazing Uhmerica Makeup. What I took and what I used

I took what I thought was a minimal amount of makeup with me when we went to America. Enough to do a full face of makeup for the wedding we were attending, but without bringing the proverbial kitchen sink. I was hoping to be able to do a bit of "drug store shopping", but in the heat, with two uncooperative kids and a husband who had his own shopping agenda, it didn't happen like I had hoped it would and in reality I bought very little while I was there. Its ok. I managed.

I picked up this Flamingo makeup bag in Penneys (Primark) for €4.50. It was just the right size to fit my brushes and my products without being too big and bulky. Also: FLAMINGO!

And on to what I packed:
NYX Shine Killer* (€15.99 for 20ml) worked an absolute treat in the heat and humidity of Chicago and Florida. It was HAWT, but my foundation stayed put and I wasn't a greaseball so long as I blotted away the sweats gently.

CATRICE Nude Illusions Foundation - Rose Beige (€8.99 for 30ml). I bought this when it came out. I was wearing tan at the time and so when the tan wore off it was far dark for me. So I brought it with to mix in with Vichy Dermablend which was too light...

VICHY Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation* - Light (€25.00 for 100ml) Heavy duty full coverage foundation for the body. But because it is elastic, it wears incredibly well on my face. Full coverage means it covers my pigmentation marks perfectly without me having to pack on layers and layers of product. Its not just heavy duty though, its easy to sheer out with a brush or your fingers. I ADORE this for my nights out. And it mixes really well with the Catrice mentioned above and the new Vichy Foundations.

NYX Matte Bronzer - Dark Tan (€10.95) The nicest bronzer I have used. You can vary your intensity by using a light touch or go full on if that floats your boat. Not too warm (orange) and not ashy, just nice. I just found that you need to have a dry base for this ie. you need to allow your foundation to set/dry properly or set it with powder otherwise it can "catch" on your skin, looking a bit patchy making it tough to blend. But I have been using this to keep up the bit of colour I picked up in The States.

YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Rice Setting Powder* - Light (€37.00 ) I love this. You can use it before applying foundation to get super oil-mopping power or for an ultra matte finish. Use it to set your foundation after applying it too. I will never be without it.

CATRICE Eyeshadow mono - C'mon Chameleon (€4.99) A greeny browny duo-chrome that works well as just a sheer colour or packed on for eye catching gorgeousness. It has been discontinued, but if your stand isn't updated very often (mine isn't) you might still pick it up!

ESSENCE Silky Touch Blush - Autumn Peach* (€3.99). A teeny bit of shimmer and a lovely peachy colour makes this just the right product to bring out my cheek bones. Goes on really nicely even if you haven't set your foundation. Used this pretty much everyday. I'm still using it...

CATRICE Eyeshadow mono - Starlight Espresso (€4.99) THE perfect eyebrow powder. Even though it is an eyeshadow (and a dupe for MAC Copperplate apparently) this is a great brow powder. Ashy and nicely pigmented and completely MATTE, there is no redness in there. I love this so much I have a spare even though I haven't gotten halfway through the 1st one.

CATRICE Made to Stay Longlasting eyeshadow pot - Metal of Honor (€3.99 I think) These have also been discontinued, but they are little pots of loveliness (I bought 4). A great primer, eyeshadows stick to this like glue until you remove it and it also gives a beautiful metallic finish to your eyes. I need to use a finger to apply this though, I haven't found a brush that applies this as nicely as a finger does. But you can use a brush to blend out the edges... I used this for the rehearsal dinner when I had literally 30 minutes to dress myself and the two kids.

CATRICE Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm - Rusty In Peace ( approx€4 or €5 this one was on sale). These twisty-uppy sticks of colour balm are bloody lovely. The feel of a balm with a punch of colour. This one is a pretty nude peach and it has been discontinued. Remember to push the lid on firmly and you are all set, I carried this in my bag always and it added a bit of polish to my look when I was in a hurry. I'm going through it at a rate of knots...

NYX HD Concealer - CW04 Beige (€6.99) A good concealer for spots and not a bad eyelid primer in a pinch as it takes redness down completely. It does have a tendency to sit in the fine lines under my eyes if I am not light-handed though. Once you set it though it doesn't budge.

ESSENCE Make Me Brow - Browny Brown (€3.09) Already raved about this budget bit. Its Awesome. Nuff said.

NYX The Natural Shadow Palette (this was a prize so I'm not sure of the price). I used this for the wedding. I like this little palette, pigmentation is pretty good and the shadows blend nicely, but there is a bit of fallout. I like that it is small and fits in your bag so you can adjust your makeup on the go with a suggestion about how to do this on the back

ESSENCE Double ended pencil sharpener* (€1.29-€1.99?) Karen from LovelyGirlyBits loves hers too (she mentions it here, but I can't find the video where she chats about it). One side sharpens fat pencils and the other does thin ones. and it has a lovely little lid to contain the shavings. And it doesn't matter if it gets lots because its cheap as chips to replace.

NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator - Gleam* ( €9.49) A gorgeous cream highlighter that blends nicely but can tend to "Glitterbomb" if you are not light handed. Go carefully. I used a stippling brush to get just the right finish.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeshadow Stick (€5.99) I brought two with me: Trespassing Taupe & Bootleg Brown. Scribble them on, pat with a finger to blend a bit and away you go. I used these most nights when we were going out for dinner. I love these sticks and I must get more of them.

NYC Satin Matte Lipstick* - 451 Velvety Fuchsia & 450 Pure Coral (€2.49) I wore Pure Coral to the rehearsal dinner and Velvety Fuchsia to the wedding. Got compliments on both and both performed really well but budget lippies. I think I topped up twice on both nights, if that. I do love them!

SLEEK i-Divine Palette - Vintage Romance (€9.99) Took it with and didn't even open it! Sigh.

VICHY Teint Ideal Pure Light Face Roll-On* (€15.99) Took it with and didn't open it.

ESSENCE Liquid Ink Matte Eyeliner* (€2.89) yup. again. Took it with and didn't have time to use it.

ESSENCE Lash Princess Volume Mascara (€4.09) Love this stuff. Used it every day.

YOUNGBLOOD Extreme Pigment Eye Pencil* (€12.00) I used it once. The wedding. And I could have done without it...

SMASHBOX Full Exposure Mascara (Sample size) Didn't use it.

NYX Slide on , Glide on, Stay on & Definitely a Turn On Waterproof Extreme Shine Eyeliner - Golden Bronze (a Prize... I can't find a price!)  I FLIPPING LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! Despite the hella long name, this does exactly what it says on the side. Slides on glides on stays on... you get the point. I need more of these!

To put it into perspective... this is what I should have packed. All that is missing is the NYX insert-long-ass-name-here Gel Pencil and the NYC Coral Lippy which I fear I have lost... balls.

If I had maybe I could have convinced himself to give me time to walk through the makeup isles in the shops we were in... cos you know... I didn't bring enough with me.

My Rehearsal Dinner Face...And my Hubby.

And overall the budget bits seemed to be the things I chose to bring with me over some of the more expensive bits I own. Maybe its because I was scared things would go missing.

My Wedding face. And hair. Sort of.

Lets just take one last look at the Pelicans Flamingos

I am still loving this Flamingo Bag long time though. Its the first time in a very very long time that I have had a dedicated "makeup bag"... I think I might need a few more...

*-ed products were samples gratefully received, everything else was my own purchase....


  1. Love the bag, and you looked gorgeous!

    1. Oh Sharon... that bag. I had to fight my daughter for it when I brought it home. But I'm still bigger so I won!

  2. Ah you looked amazing at the wedding and I love that flamingo bag!

    Nic x


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