Monday, 27 July 2015

SLIM Sonic: a hightech hedgehog for your mouth

SLIM Sonic isn't Sonic the Hedgehog getting buff. It's a fashionably-finished, battery operated sonic toothbrush that fits nicely in your bag (gym or otherwise) and budget, so you can polish those pearlys on the go. Its pretty sweet actually, without the threat of cavities.

Included in the box you get the actual sonic toothbrush, the toothbrush cover (handy for not picking up bits of fluff/lipstick/random buttons/sweets at the bottom of your bag), a spare brush head (for yourself or your chosen recipient) and the battery! I love that the battery is included in this. You also get instructions. Have a read of these to make sure you have put the battery in the right way.

The brush head itself is quite firm (hard) so I would advise being gentle with it on your teeth as you will end up brushing away your enamel if you push too hard, which is far too easy to do as the neck of the brush has no flexibility. But the fact that the brush head moves at 22 000 strokes per minute, just gently stroking the bristles over your teeth for the required 2 minutes gives a really good clean with no need for elbow grease. Just remember to be Gentle!

SLIM Sonic fits nicely into your hand, it is about the same length as an ordinary toothbrush, but feels smaller in my hand for some reason. The Power button requires quite a firm push to get it started, but since it is protected by the cover, you won't have your bag buzzing at inopportune moments. I like that the cover has little breathing holes in the top too. This is so that the brush dries out properly between uses, which means that bacteria growth is limited as bacteria like a moisture rich environment to thrive in. The SLIM Sonic also has coloured bristles that fade with use so you  know when to replace the brush head.

While I am not keeping mine in my bag, I am keeping it in the downstairs bathroom. I signed myself up for a fitness plan and it has meant giving up bread and pasta and chocolate and crisps and cheese for 6 weeks. I miss cheese.  So until I can start slowly re-introducing those foods into my diet I am turning to minty toothpaste and the fact that I have just brushed my teeth to stop myself from snacking on nonsense that is off-plan. I am two weeks in and I have to say that while I am still having some EPIC cravings, this is helping to keep me on the wagon. I'd properly adore it if it would do my exercises for me...

I like that I can toss this in my handbag when I know I am headed out to meet friends (who are thankfully very understanding and supportive while I do this) and I like that it is available in pharmacies all over Ireland, I also spotted them in my local Boots. You don't have to have a pink glitter one, there are literally hundreds of colours or designs so find the one you like.

What does this little powerhouse cost? €19.95. And that includes your battery and extra brush head. And you can buy extra brush heads (a four pack costs around €15).

I did a bit of browsing and found SLIM Sonic on sale on the Sam McCauley website for €13.37! Keep your eyes peeled though, for Summer 2015 you might find it in your pharmacy for the special price of €12.95.

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