Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Simple Summer Skin with Catrice

Super budget brand Catrice is one of my favourite everyday brands. Their products are cheap but generally well pigmented and their limited edition collections are 2nd to none. Their regular lines sometimes get overlooked though... and there are some gems in the permanent collection, especially if you are looking for things to take with you on holiday...

I used Catrice 3in1 Skin Tone Adapting Makeup in Medium 020 once before I went away. But I have used it pretty much every single day since coming home. It's a bit gimmicky, in that it comes out of the tube as a white cream and then pigment bubbles burst as you rub it into your skin and its supposed to match any skin tone.

Its not exactly "match all", as it does tend towards orange, so I can't see it working on the palest of the pale. I have only played with Medium though, and I imagine that 010 Light would be better for the peaches and cream complexions. BUT with a layer of good old CocoaBrown tan, which I have on pretty much all summer, Medium is awesome. And the finish is perfect for summer: light, with sheer-ish coverage which gives a nice finish that is neither matte nor overly glowy. Most importantly it isn't sticky.

It absorbs into the skin kind of like a moisturiser and dries down to a soft velvety feel, but I wouldn't use this as skin care. I like my moisturiser... this is like a bb cream to me... light coverage that makes my skin look good. The price point is on the money too coming in at just €7.89 for 30mls. So replacing it isn't an issue if it goes missing. As I said, I have been using this pretty much everyday since I've had it and I've liked it every time I've used it.

I'm not big on liner in the summer, so I will be saving this Waterproof Catrice Eyeliner Pen for Autumn (which will probably start in 3 weeks...sigh). But its good. I can't attest to its waterproof claims, but it is deffo sweat-proof, and not just a light perspiration, this was a full on high intensity 40 minute sweatfest, and I still had perfect liner, even after wiping and patting. It came off pretty easily with my Nima mitt and I have also used the Garnier micellar water and it has come off easily after a little soaking.

Catrice Eyeliner Pen waterproof is good and black, and depending on how you angle the nib, you can get a super skinny black line or a good thick one, as you can see in the above pic. And its one of those that if you go slowly but surely, you get a good, solid line that doesn't have baldy bits that you need to go over. You can go over it a second time, but it dries so quickly that doing this makes it look a bit flakey. A single layer is enough for me though so its not an issue.

Look Mam! I can do a skinny flick!

I know that an issue with these felt tip type liners is tat they dry out quickly. This has a lid that clicks on firmly, and I store mine standing up, nib side down. And these only cost €3.49! So again... its not a train smash if it only lasts 2 months.

This next beauty is crazy pretty. Catrice Sun Glow Shimmering Bronzing Powder is flipping gorgeous and costs €5.49. It comes in two colour ways, 020 Shimmering Hazel and this one 010 Sun dance. A two colour shimmering bronzing "brick" and it does what it says on the tin. Its a finely milled, buttery soft, very pigmented powder with fine gold sparkles running though it that gives a gorgeous bronze glow to the skin without looking like you dipped your face in gold glitter.

I'm not a big bronzer girl... I'm always scared I end up looking dirty, but this Catrice one and the NYX one I mentioned are the two I am finding I am actually reaching for as they deliver a gorgeous colour without leaving me looking like I got caught in a dust cloud.

So you can see what it all looks like, I put all three on (and a bit of mascara) and that's it. An easy, quick summer look with minimal products and even less fuss.

*should have put some lippy on...

**Products gratefully received, Opinions always my own.


  1. Gorgeous look. It looks very natural.
    I've heard lots of good things about those Catrice powers and I've been meaning to get my hands on some of the blushes and highlights but every time I find a stand they're sold out!

  2. The bronzing powder looks lovely on you, very fresh x


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