Thursday, 14 May 2015

Water wipes: emergency makeup removal level 1

If you have heard of Caroline Hirons, then you know her stance (and mine) on wipes: “fannies, festivals or flights". And while facial wipes are not something I would ordinarily pick up, I was quite interested in the hype around WaterWipes.

Billed as "THE WORLD’S PUREST FACIAL WIPES NO STING, NO SKIN-TIGHTNESS AND NO CHEMICALS". A tall order that my daughter and I decided to put to the test. Made with just water, 0.1% grapefruit seed and sea mineral extracts, Allergy UK has given them a big thumbs up, the first ever endorsement for a cleansing wipe. Its not a treatment for eczema or dermatitis, but it is safe to use on sore or sensitive skin types, especially if you are travelling or at a festival. I like that this has an expiry date too: you need to use the pack up within a month of opening it.

As far as appearances go, it looks the same as an ordinary wipe,is the same size and feels like and ordinary wipe but it smells like nothing, and it feels a lot wetter than a standard wipe, which I like because then you won't tend to scrub at your face trying to distribute the moisture over you skin. Perfect for removing makeup, and it even removed my mascara when I held it over my lashes for a few seconds and gave it a little wiggle.

Hannah used this to remove the grime off her face after a day running around and we were both a little surprised at the amount of dirt that was on the wipe when she was done. It didn't sting or burn, even around her eyes (her skin is particularly delicate there, we have to keep it well moisturised otherwise it cracks) but she did note it was a little more scratchy than her normal face cloth.

I used these to remove a full face of makeup at the end of an evening out and I was quite impressed at how well it worked to take off multiple layers of mascara and heavy eye makeup in the same amount of time as it would have if I had used cotton pads and micellar water. And I didn't have to try scrub mascara out of my face cloth the next morning!

My skin didn't feel oily or like it had a film on it when I was finished and it didn't feel dry or stripped either. But generally I would go in with a proper balm cleanser afterwards... just because I am now in the habit of double cleansing, and because I have running water and my cleanser handy.

As a stopgap, these are pretty brilliant. And we are taking a pack with us to Chicago, not just just to remove my daily slap before I go in with a heavy duty cleanser, but also as hand wipes and general face-cleaning (kids get dirty just standing still...) and WaterWipes are perfect as a single wipe is wet enough to properly clean a chocolaty face and both hands with moisture to spare.

A pack of 24 wipes costs €3.49 and will fit into a Mammy-bag (one of those big jobs) or a changing bag with ease. Oh and they are Irish!!!

You can find WaterWipes in supermarkets and pharmacies across Ireland.

**PR Sample gratefully received, Opinion my own. 

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