Friday, 22 May 2015

NYC Satin Matte Lipsticks: Fierce & Fabulous!

Guess what?!?!?!? NYC (or New York Color) has launched 5 gorgeous new lippies, and they are flippin fabulous. NYC Expert Last Lip Colour Satin Matte formulations and superb pigmentation are the order of business here, and these aren't as drying as you might expect.

These retail for the ridiculously low €2.49 / £1.99 each and they are worth way more. With hydrating properties, these are buttery and creamy, I'd be worried about the colour cracking off inside the bullet and making a mess of my handbag, but the lid clicks closed fairly firmly, so its ok, just be gentle when topping up on the go.

As I said, there are 5 colours in this formulation and I have thoroughly tested every one of them. Super soft and rather balm-like in texture, staying power is pretty good: I get about 4 hours of solid colour before I feel like I need to top up the colour on the inner rim of my lips. But I think its just because I like the balmy texture ans smooshing my lips together. To really prolong wear I would recommend applying a lip liner, a layer of colour, blotting and adding a 2nd layer of colour and blotting again to set.

Satin-Matte is a good description for this new formula, because it is satiny when it is first applied, but once it dries and settles on your lips it turns to a more matte finish. It does take a wee while for it to dry though, so give it 15 /20 minutes before you eat/drink/stick your fingers in your mouth, otherwise you will end up with stains on everything. If you ca't wait and want a velvety matte finish immediately, blot gently with a translucent powder and you are ready.

On to swatches!

The nudest of of the bunch, 448 Smooth Beige was the one I struggled a bit with. It clung in any dry patches and emphasized them, and it does look a bit like concealer lips, but with a super balm-like feeling. Paired with flawless skin and a deep smokey eye this is looks pretty good. A light slick patted in as a hint of colour works really well to take down the colour of your lips if you are wanting to do a nude lip.

449 Creamy Mauve is a more pink than mauve, but it is still pretty and looks lovely with fresh skin and minimal faff on the makeup front. I like it, and its gorgeous for summer.

450 Pure Coral is just that: Pure Coral. Loud and proud, bright and insanely bold, this Pinky-Orangey Gorgeousness practically screams neon (well to me it does) and is the one that puts me right out of my comfort zone. I am so not used to lippy this bright, but because the formulation is so lovely... I have worn this on the school run a few times and I am getting used to it. Its coming with me to Chicago and is a contender for the "wedding face**".

451 Velvety Fuchsia is the other contender for the "wedding face**". Another bright, this is more pink and it is the one I have enjoyed wearing most so far. I love the way that this wears too, it stains the lips so if you apply lipbalm after eating it sheers it out and helps you avoid "Ring Mouth" (where you lipstick wears off everywhere except the outlines of your lips). A lip liner will help you get a good 4 hours out of one application, but I can't be bothered. I'll just touch up on the go.

Finally, we have 452 Red Suede. Va va voom, this is red velvet on your lips. I wore this all day today after taking these photos as I just liked the way it looked with the clean liner. This is also coming with to Chicago, because reasons. I will find a place to wear it. Even if it is just IHOP. I made this matte instantly by patting a bit of YoungBlood Mineral Rice Setting Powder over it with my finger tips and blotting with a clean tissue. A lip liner would have given me a cleaner line, but I didn't get any feathering, and it didn't bleed at all, regardless of how many times I smooshed. And I like to smoosh.

All in all, these NYC Expert Last Lip Colours are fantastic value for money and if you are looking for a new lip colour for the summer months it is well worth checking them out. I know that Sera (Agoraphobic Fashionista) likes them too

NYC stands are like hens teeth in my area, but I spotted a relatively unmolested one in Newry (in SemiChem) that had these new colours in it. You can also find stockists here: Click Here

**Wedding Face: the main purpose of our trip State-side is for a Wedding. The kids are part of the wedding party so we have to go...

*PR Samples gratefully received, (mainly because I can never find a decently stocked stand) Opinions are always my own.


  1. whoah! This is something worth checking out. Love every colors and the finish is amazing as well. I will def check on these. Love the last one ( 452 Red Suede ).

  2. So pretty, that coral shade is gorgeous on you! Enjoy your trip to the states!

  3. Ooh these look nice. I can't help you pick between the pink and coral as they both look great on you! I also love that red on you too


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