Friday, 24 April 2015

scrubbing up nicely: Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff

Marissa Carter is becoming a big name in the tan business. Cocoa Brown is already well known in Ireland as one of the nicest self-tanners to use (even on eczema & psoriasis prone skin) and Cocoa Brown is storming the world with launches in the UK & New York (Marissa and her team did tans for the Oscars star!) and Australia is next on the list. Why I waited so long to get myself a bottle of Tough Stuff I will never know... It's pretty dang awesome.

I picked mine up in Penneys for €4.50, and I got the big 200ml bottle. And this is a good scrubby scrub perfect for getting bodies and skins ready for summer tans. It says "no nonsense" on the bottle and its not lying, it makes light work of removing old tan and dry skin to prep skin for new tan.

I like to use this in the shower: I get wet then turn the water off and get busy. I like to sit on the shower floor, blob a bit onto my hands and smooth it over my legs... starting at the feet and working upwards, adding more blobs until you've done your whole body. Then I holler for Himself to come scrub my back... I can never get a good scrub on my back, no matter how flexible I am.

 You can use this on dry skin, but I find that you use an awful lot of product. Wet skin lets you use less because it spreads a bit easier. If you have particularly stubborn tan, then I would use it over dry skin, but for general scrubbage... pre-wetted skin is perfect and your bottle goes a bit further. And it has a flippy lid. No faffing. I like it. It rinses off easily and doesn't leave a residue behind.

Oh and its pink. Marissa's favourite colour... after tan of course.

The scrubby bits are hard, but not sharp, so they buff skin quite nicely and your skin is ready to receive your favourite body cream and its primed for a new layer of tan.

And because its Cocoa Brown, Tough Stuff smells like Tahitian Gardenia, fresh and florally but not over powering.

I don't tan often, but I like a good scrub and since I have had Tough Stuff in the shower I have been exfoliating more often and my skin on my legs has never looked better (its normally a bit scaly even after I put cream on) and I am not getting as many in-grown hairs on my calves either.

Look for €4.50 you really can't go wrong, and while its not the most luxuriantly moisturising scrub, it does a bloody good job at what it it supposed to do: scrub. Besides... it doesn't claim to be a luxuriantly moisturising scrub anyway... its just a No Nonsense Scrub.

Find it in pharmacies, Penneys, Primarks and Tesco!

**Purchased with my own money, Opinion always my own


  1. Yep it's very good! I only got my first tube at Christmas but it's great, I'll definitely repurchase x

  2. this is the best scrub on the market in my opinion! nothing i have tried even comes close!

  3. I love this stuff. Your photos are great. :D


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