Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Roget & Gallet Update: They've been hitting the weights and eating their veggies

I love a good scent. I'll be honest and say that the bottle doesn't normally sway my opinion in choosing a scent, in fact, many times I haven't even tried a scent because the bottle was just too faffy or gimmicky, I've just walked on by...

Roger & Gallet have updated their bottles. Now look, I know that they weren't incredibly complicated in the first place, I liked the Art Deco lines on the bottles. But the new bottles are standing taller, and a littler sleeker... like they got busy in the gym in winter (like I did), got their eating habits in check and got their bikini-bodies ready for summer (like I didn't... crisps and potatoes are my drug).

I know it doesn't look like much here, but it retains the same Art Deco angles, but the bottle is taller, and skinnier, but still holds the same amount of Fragrant Water. Below you can see the new bottle (left) and the old bottle (right).  And they still cost the same too (30ml for €17.50, 100ml  for €39.75)

I liked the old bottles and I like the new bottles. They are a little bit sexy looking...

You can find the new bottles in selected pharmacies and Marks & Spencer's Beauty Halls now.

**PR sample gratefully recieved, opinion my own

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