Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Naked Rescue Intensive Care: A Naked review

I didn't buy Naked Rescue Intensive Care Shampoo and Conditioner myself. My bestie did when she flew in to visit for a few days. She ended up leaving it here because it didn't suit her hair. She had a Keratin treatment done before she cam and needed a shampoo & conditioner that was sulphate free to use while she was here. It didn't work for her. She said it left her hair feeling extremely dry and straw-like. She was not impressed. So she left it with me. It was weight in her suitcase she didn't need to take back to SA.

This review has been a long time coming. I've had these since September last year, and I have been using them on and off since then hoping that I would hit upon the magic amount to use or the possibility that maybe they would just work all of a sudden. A girl can hope.

It smells ok. I never expect much in the scent department from products that come with the 97% Natural label. As an aside... just because its natural doesn't mean its good for you: arsenic is natural. But hey, I understand where Naked is coming from and I respect their ethos. Anyway. So it smells ok. Nothing like sewer water but not anything like Aussie either. And its cheap enough too, coming in at €5.99 for a bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Both these bottles are 250ml so they are generous there.

I like that they also don't test on animals, they are vegan and vegetarian friendly. And that they are made in the UK. And that the whole bottle is recycle-able. Oh and neither of the bottles have screw tops, its flip-tops or the push-down-to-get-the-hole-to-appear-lid. But that is kind of where the good ends.

Marketed towards hair in distress, this shampoo is supposed to be gentle and kind to hair, but even on my normal hair it struggled to clean 2 day old hair, my roots felt greasier than when I started, but the mid-lengths and ends felt like they had been completely stripped of oils: they felt dry and hard. Odd. I applied a 2nd dose of shampoo to see if this would help the grease (some shampoos require a second application). It didn't It just felt the same. hmmm.
I rinsed and rinsed. It didn't help.

conditioner blurb & instructions

The conditioner is thick coming out of the tube and it seems lush. So I decided not to aggravate the grease at my roots and just tackle the now very dry mid-lengths. The conditioner felt like it was doing some good at restoring the softness to my ends, until I went to rinse it out. I didn't leave it in for a full minute but I struggled to rinse it out. and it felt like I had a massive grease-ball lodged st the base of my skull.
Not cool man. Not cool.

The results after drying were not much better. I still had greasy roots which I really struggled to get my brush through and very dry ends which felt very dry. Badly dry. I didn't like it. And despite trying it many times... I still came out of the shower with the same result.

I wanted to like this. I loved Naked's White Ginger Body Wash when I was pregnant with my son, so I am not unfamiliar with the brand. But Naked Rescue Intensive Care Shampoo and Conditioner did nothing for my hair except make it feel bad. I couldn't finish the bottles... I binned them after taking these pics.

I'm glad I didn't spend money on them, but my bestie did. And I'm not cool with that.
Trace: I owe you a lekker shampoo & conditioner. Or chocolate brownies. Which ever you prefer.

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