Monday, 13 April 2015

IMpressed with imPRESS

I have never had false nails. I have never had gels. Or acrylics for that matter. And while this style of "press on manicure" has intrigued me, I've not ever bought a box. I've clearly been missing a trick. imPRESS Press-on Manicure by Broadway is a little bit genuis. Provided you follow the instructions and take up the mantra "nails are Jewels not Tools", you are going to be fairly impressed by them too.

imPRESS Press-on Manicure comes in 2 lengths: short and medium and many designs or just plain colour ways (that are begging for a bit of customization if you feel the need or get bored). You get 24 nails (12 sets of 2 nails in different sizes) so you can find the perfect fit for your nails. You also get instructions and a prep-pad.

You basically find the nail that fits your nail best and lay them out in order. Remove any old nail polish and then use the prep-pad on our nails to remove any left over oils. Then you peel off the little plastic cover on the glue pad on the nail, line it up with your cuticles and press it on.
A bit of a no-brainer... unless you excitedly rip open a packet and start lining up nails and you realise your own nails are too long. And even if you cut your nails... they wont fit. And then you read the box and realise these are the short ones. Ahhhhhhh Ok.

I already had them all lined up and ready to go... so I called over the Daughter and put her on the chair, prepped her nails with the prep pad and applied the nails. She is a terrible biter (just like I was at her age) and she bites her nails right down to the nail bed and past it (ouchies). It took us 7 minutes and we had all her nails done. She was only delighted with them.

But again I should have read the instructions all the way to the bottom and read the bit where it says to continue pressing the falsies onto your real nails for another 30 minutes to ensure the glue makes good contact with your nails. We didn't do this.

She ran off outside to show of her nails (yes I know, they are a bit long for her age... but it was school holidays and I was willing to let her go a little "Wild"). She came in after and hour and had 3 nails left. She had pinged off 7 of them playing tip. She wasn't particularly careful. Shes only 9. We tried pressing them on again, but she pinged them off again within a few minutes. I think she liked pinging them off more than she actually liked wearing them though.

So you can understand how I was skeptical that the Medium Length ones would wear as long as a week on me. I am forever using my nails as tools, so I really wasn't expecting much. But I took 5 minutes ad read the instructions all the way to the end, and the handy tips too and then got stuck in. I had to file my own nails down a bit... and I couldn't find the exact width for my nails (Broadway recommend using a smaller nail if you can't find the exact fit for your nail so that is what I did). I lined 'em up, and got peeling and pressing.

In the above and below pics you can see how they fit my nail. The fingers are only a TINY bit longer than my own nails, and they don't fit exactly but from the top and with a quick glance you don't see that at all. The thumb was the best fit and you can see there is extra length gained there. They look good. Impressive even!

How did they last? Well... here's the really impressive part. They lasted the full week, before I got bored with them and took them off. And it was a bit of a mission to get them off.

I must also say that I used hand cream sparingly around my nails. I also made sure not to do the dishes without washing up gloves. And I tried not to soak my hands in the bath when I was bathing (I kept my hand out of the water by reading my kindle).

They never lost their shine or their lustre and these imPRESS nails looked pretty great! I am a convert. I will get a few pair for those times when you are getting ready in a hurry and need to do something with your nails quickly. Provided you do these last and spend 20 minutes in the car on-route to your destination pressing them on you will be golden.

Removing them was tough enough... they were stuck fast, so I put some nail vanish remover into a small deep lid and soaked each nail in the remover for 30 seconds and used an orange stick to lift the edges of the nail starting at the sides and moving around the cuticle and to the other side. I soaked them again and lifted them off completely and pulled off what was left of the glue pad that remained stuck to my nail. There is no damage to my nails, they haven't peeled and they don't feel weakened at all. Win.

I do like these. The box costs about €8 so it is reasonable for a temporary manicure that looks really good. I want to try Hannah with these gain in the summer holidays to see if we can use them to help break her biting habit. I can see these being quite useful for that (stop&grow didn't gross her out at all). And I'll be chucking a box or two into our suitcase for the wedding we are going to in May too so that she at least looks presentable - she's in the wedding party.

There are loads of different designs and colours, something to suit everyone. Just make sure you get the right length for your nail bed!

Have you used them? Did you follow all the instructions the first time you used them or did you find out after you had applied them and pinged them off?

**PR Sample Gratefully received, Opinion my own.

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  1. these nails are absolutely beautiful. i especially love the nude colour, very glamorous!


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