Friday, 3 April 2015

Handy: Roger & Gallet Mini Hand creams

Mini hand creams are nothing new. They are little tubes of goodness that you store in your bag or next to your desk or on your person, depending on your level of obsession. I got my mitts on two of the new Roger & Gallet Hand & Nail balms. Mini. Concentrated. Cheap. Awesome.

Available in many pharmacies and M&S beauty halls, these pretty little tubes cost just €6.50 and are well worth it. 30mls of creamy, well scented balm, little goes a long way with this baby. A small pea sized amount spreads far enough to do both hands easily, leaving hands super sniffable and comfortably hydrated.

I got Fleur de Figuer and Bienfaits which are the two newest. Of the two, Bienfaits (which translates as benefits) is by far my favourite. Based on the original Eau de Cologne scent, it ticks all the boxes for me:
- it isn't overly flowery (its actually hardly flowery at all)
- it is fresh
- it is citrus based
- it smells like holidays.

Roger & Gallet Hand & Nail Balms come in 6 different "flavours", one to suit every mood or fragrance. Even better when you match your Roger & Gallet hand cream to your Roger & Gallet EDT. As you do. Or when you can...

I have already reviewed the Créme Sublime Bois d’Orange variation in the full sized tube (75ml) and I loved it. And now its available in a mini it will be perfect for the car...

**Sample gratefully received, opinion my own.

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  1. I love these, just picked up the Bienfaits one yesterday. The rose one is one of the few rose scented products I like! They're brilliant hand creams.


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