Monday, 6 April 2015

Artistry Signature Volume Mascara: a review

Amway. Its big in The States apparently, and there are positive and negative reviews of the company and its ethos... I only found this out when I sat down to write this review and did a bit of research. But this research won't cloud my review of the Artistry Signature Eyes Volume Mascara, which is made by Amway. I used it and made up my mind before I did any research. And its interesting...

Artistry Signature Eyes Volume Mascara looks and feels very lux in its packaging. Black and gold and heavy, and it always closes so that the lid lines up with the rest of the bottle. Always. I tried to get it not to but then it doesn't close properly.

bare lashes and a big-assed brush

The brush is mahoosive. And it is massively akward. I tried. I tried for two months to find a way to use this brush in such a way that I didn't get product on my eyelid. I didn't find a way right way to do it. And it can ruin your eye makeup.

one coat

This shows one coat. Lovely fluttery lashes. The formula is pretty good. It covers lashes easily and and without clumps and doesn't stick lashes together. I like it. It looks like I have lovely natural lashes. But look at my eyelid. I applied this mascara as carefully as I could, I used a magnifying mirror, I leaned my elbow on the table to steady my hand and still: crusty bits on my eyelid and a few bits on my lower eyelid too. I was SO CAREFUL DAMMNIT. Stupid brush.

two coats, no big diffs

Two coats doesn't make much difference. except to put more mascara on my eyelid. Well, I suppose no need for eyeliner... but it flakes off and looks bad, like I have been rubbing my eye. sigh.

Right. On to price. And its not good. You would expect that a big company, that sells many many different products on such a large scale, would be able to sell you an average mascara for an average price. But Artistry Signature Eyes Volume Mascara costs €30.50. Which is quite a lot.

I am glad I got to try this, but it hasn't left a lasting impression on me. It's a bit too pricey for its results, and while the packaging is lovely... I'm not paying for a pretty bottle that I am going to toss after a few months.

If you are used to shelling out €30 + for a mascara then give it a try, it will give fluttery, lengthened lashes, but if handing over that kind of money makes you cringe then check out essence's offering that gives a better result at a fraction of a price.

**PR Sample gratefully received, opinions are my own


  1. I tried one of their eyeshadow palettes and the price was equally eye-watering, think it was near the €60 mark. I won't try any more of their products, to me the markup is insane. I've no problem with people selling Amway or Forever Living or any of that stuff, but the prices don't reflect the product, they reflect the fact that there are an awful lot of people to pay. Not impressed, this is more expensive than Charlotte Tilbury mascara!

    1. Yeah, I'm a little put off just with their prices... I was also "Devo" that you disliked my favourite mascara Sharon! Sigh...

  2. Amway is a scam:


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