Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Waxperts: the shizz in the fight against excess fuzz

Waxperts. Unless you've been living under a rock, or in some place other than Ireland or the UK, you will have heard of this fantastic Irish brand that has taken the hair-removal scene by storm.

Now look. Unless of course you are the waxer: Waxing will never be completely painless.  You are essentially ripping your hairs out by their roots. But the kind of wax and the way you are waxed does make some difference to how much pain you experience. Ellen Kavanagh has overhauled the waxing process and the pre- and post-wax treatments to make it a pretty pleasant experience.

I had the good fortune of getting to try a Waxperts Wax at my local salon, Mise Beauty on Park Street in Dundalk, and while it wasn't 100% painless, I can whole heartedly say that it was a whole lot more comfortable than my last bikini wax (about 7 years ago). After my wax I picked up the Waxperts Wonder Pads (€9.00 in store).

Waxperts Wonder Pads come packed 40 in a tub and each pad has a rough side and a smooth side and is soaked in the not-so-secret formula that keeps in-grown hairs at bay. This formula is also great in dealing with the occasional spot, or KP (keratosis pilaris) on the auld arms.

The pads don't really smell like anything and you basically just rub the pad over the area where you want to keep in-grown hair free. For the most part this stuff works. I did still get a few small in-growns, but it was my first ever brazillian, and I wasn't expecting a 100% result. It did however lessen the severity of the 6 I did get, they weren't as red/angry, and they healed in about half the normal time.

And its not just after shaving or waxing... I used a pad on each of my legs straight after using my Epilator (its a Braun one) and it immediately soothed my puckered skin and took the redness down within minutes. And I haven't had as many in-growns on my legs as I would normally have either. So it does work.

For €9.00 it is a great way to keep bumps and lumps away after waxing, but you will need to use a mechanical (gloves or a shower scrub) once a week to ensure a really great result.

Waxperts Pads are available on the Waxperts Website, or from your local waxperts salon!

**Purchase and opinion my own

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