Monday, 30 March 2015

Makes you smell edible: The Body Shop Brazil Nut everything.

I'm really loving The Body Shop at the moment. Their new Fuji Green Tea range which is on shelves now is crisp, fresh, light and uplifting. Brazil Nut is the opposite. Soft, warm, comforting and sweet. The Body Shop Brazil Nut range has been my winter must have.

I received the Brazil Nut Body Mist and a tub of Body Butter in February of last year (2014) and I have been in love with it ever since. When I finished my first tub of Body Butter in November (2014)  I went and bought myself another tub (€18.95) and I picked up a bottle of Shower Cream too (€4.00 with the purchase of any other product). I wish I had smell-o-vision... because this is just heavenly. Like warm candyfloss fresh from the machine with a hint of nuttiness. Pure Yummy.

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Shower Cream (250ml) is soft and creamy and lathers up nicely. A flip top lid means no messing with screw tops. It dispenses easily and doesn't dry skin out and leaves it scented with that creamy sugary warmth. MMmmmmmmm.

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter (200ml) is just that. A super rich butter that wraps skin in a layer of grease that is sorely needed in winter. I like to use this immediately after my shower, after I have sluiced the majority of the water of my skin, so that I trap a layer of water between my skin and the body butter. And going to sleep enveloped in this smell is heaven. Some might find it on the sweet side, but I love it and find it makes me think of warm happy places. I have to hide this body butter at the top of my cupboard because my last tub seemed to go very quickly... I discovered that my daughter has taken a liking to it as well... which is a good thing because it locks in moisture and doesn't cause her eczema to flare, but damnit... its MINE!!!!

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Mist (100ml €11.95) is on its way out... but it is on my wishlist and I will get another one the next time I am in The Body Shop because this is the yummiest smelling body mist I have ever used. It makes you smell positively edible. Soft and nutty with an underlying sweetness, this is the epitome of Brazil Nuts covered in milk chocolate. Its the kind of scent that that folks comment on. Its warm and cozy and the kids love it. As does the husbag.

The Brazil Nut range is available in The Body Shop Stores everywhere.

**Post contains PR Samples (always gratefully received) and products that I purchased/re-purchased. Opinions are my own

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  1. Yes! My all-time favourite Body Shop range. I managed to make the UK site work ONCE with Parcel Motel and got a delivery of Brazil nut scrub, butter, shower gel - wasn't mad about the texture of the scrub so gave it to my sister but my god, the body butter and shower gel are amazing, I adore the smell of them. Boots sometimes do a set with a brazil nut butter but it's not as nice as the Body Shop! Winner!


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