Friday, 13 March 2015

Essence Lash Princess: Best Mascara EVAHR!

Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara is one of those products that you want to keep to yourself its so good, but because it's so good you kind of have to share it with your fellow mascara users. And oh boy... this is pretty amaze-balls*.

Lash Princess is so good I got a spare for my gym bag and I bought another for my "fussy-about-mascara-Sister-in-law". FYI she likes it too and we don't want this to be discontinued please Essence Big-Wigs!

When I initially opened it I wasn't impressed with the brush, mainly because I struggled with this shaped brush in the Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves mascara. But once I had used it I changed my mind.

Lash Princess brush is big, but its not massive or difficult to handle. It hold just the right about of product and distributes it evenly without clumpiness. I also didn't get too much of it on my actual eyelid. Which is near impossible for me, I always get mascara on my eyelid at the eyelash line. Two or three swipes of the brush for your first coat gets all the lashes and makes it easy to use.

In the above pic I have bare lashes. They are short and blonde and pretty much invisible... In the pics below I have one coat of mascara on. I have lashes. Lashes you can see. and they aren't stiff or crispy (I hate crispy lashes). And they are long. I also only tend to put mascara on the bottom side of the lashes, the side that would be touching my cheeks if I close my eyes, cos I am lazy. But even though I am lazy, I still have nice looking lashes.

Two coats means a good dose of volume. And this literally takes 30 seconds. No clumping, just extra "volume".

The best bit? Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara costs just €4.09. Yep. Less than a Fiver.

So. Will you be trying it? Have you tried it? Did you love it?

 *sorry. I couldn't help myself.

**My first tube was a PR Sample that I obviously fell in love with and then bought for myself and family.


  1. Replies
    1. Do it Y! For the guts of €5 you just can beat it!

  2. Ooh this is the mascara Karie was talking about! I think I have this one and now I deffo have to play with it! Looks fab on you :)

    1. Give it a go Karen, Let me know if you like it or how it compares to the more hexpenshive ones...


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