Thursday, 12 March 2015

Catrice Nude Purism: My new favourites

Catrice is one of my go to brands. Especially when I feel like a little (Non food) treat or when I feel like trying something new in the makeup department. And even if its not exactly as I expected I am never badly out of pocket as their prices are well within the budget range even though the quality of the Catrice products often rival more expensive brands. I initially picked up 2 pieces from the latest CATRICE Nude Purism Limited Edition line:

Catrice Nude Purism Pure Shimmer Highlighter €4.99 (5g) and Catrice Nude Purism Gentle Lip Colour €4.99 in C03 Delicate Rosewood. I loved Rosewood so much I went and picked up a spare and C04 Nearly Nude.

While I generally steer clear of out and out highlighters, I had to see what the fuss was about. And I am so glad I did. Catrice Nude Purism Pure Shimmer Highlighter was sold out in the first stand that I came across (in my local Penneys and yes I checked the drawer: it had not a one) and I was thrilled to find it in my village pharmacy. This is a beauty.

The 3d effect pressed powder is something that looks gorgeous. Pretty to look at through its sturdy plastic packaging, which snaps closed with a solid click, so its not going to mess its shimmer into your makeup bag.
I thought the powder would be quite soft and that you would lose the embossed effect quite quickly, this is not the case though. It is pressed in solidly and it is quite hard to get a fully opaque swatch, but the nature of the powder means that you will only pick up just enough of the shimmer to create the most beautiful soft shimmer.
This is proper highlight that isn't just glittery. It blends easily and sets quite nicely with very little fallout. Catrice Nude Purism Pure Shimmer Highlight is going to look AWESOME over a tan.

Catrice Nude Purism Gentle Lip Colours are little sticks of hydrating balm but with a lovely injection of colour that is nicely pigmented, but not so much so that you have to have a mirror to reapply. Delicate Rosewood is my perfect lip colour. I bought a spare I love it so much. And if I come across another bullet I will buy it and put it in my stash with the other one. And I will cry when I finish them, because their colour is lovely. A soft colour that has the glossy shine of a gloss with none of the gloopiness. Perfect for a natural fuss-free look.

Gentle Lip Colour in Nearly Nude is pretty pigmented too. It does tend to wash out my lips if I am not wearing makeup but I didn't buy it for that. When I wear a smokey eye and am in the mood for a nude lip: Its perfect. Nearly Nude just takes the colour down a shade or two and leaves a soft shine  behind.

There are a few other bits in the range as well (2 eyeshadow quads, 4 nail varnishes and 2 other Gentle Lip colours), but these were the ones that caught my fancy. I'm on a serious budget now: I'm saving for America!

Catrice Nude Purism is a limited edition range and is on stands now. If you only get one thing get the Highlighter... and the Gentle Lip colour.

**no PR Samples, opinions always my own


  1. Love it! The lippies look gorgeous esp the nearly nude shade!

    1. Catrice are making some excellent litte bits lately Nora! such a pity they are Limited Edition.


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