Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Surya Brasil : A gift idea for the Himself in your life

Looking for a present for himself that is vegan, natural, and good for his skin (and the Environment)? Then you need to check out Surya Brasil Sapien Men. A distinctive hair and body range with a clean, masculine scent of citrus, spice and woody notes, the formulations are made up of gluten free amaranth proteins and mild cleansing agents. And they smell yummy.

"Made by Surya Brasil, the Sapien Men range has been blended from natural ingredients that are ethically and sustainably harvested to support the local economy and indigenous population. Organic certified by Ecocert and formulated for a man’s tougher skin, these products are vegan and free from any synthetic fragrance, sulfates, petroleum by-products, silicone and gluten." The packaging is sleek and unassuming and looks good on the shelf, or in himself's gym wash-bag.

We have had these in the house for about a year now and its only now that I am finding that Himself is only starting to get to the end of these two tubes now... making them seriously great value for money. Your Tonic are the exclusive stockists of the Surya Brasil products in Ireland and their service is brilliant, I can't recommend them enough.

He was sent two products from the Sapien Men range and we both had a go at them. I leave him to use the products for a week and then I trial them for a week: so that I can flesh out his answers a bit more. When I ask him how he liked a product I normally get very brief answers. So I need to make sure I know what he is talking about... the fact that he uses them until they are pretty much done is rather telling, as he has a good variation of brands to choose from.

Shave Cream €19.55/£17.00
A massive 200ml, easy to squeeze tube, which allows you to dispense the product easily and the flip-top (oh how I love me a flip-top) means no fussing. A formula rich in organic vegetable extracts give you a smooth shave that is comfortable and allows the blade to glide over the skin. It contains organic cupuassu and macadamia extracts that soften the skin to prevent against irritation and organic aloe vera and acerola cherry extracts means that skin feels well hydrated when you are finished.

I got a fabulously close shave on my legs when I used the Shave cream and I loved that the blade rinsed easily, even though the water wasn't super hot. I used a minuscule amount of product and it lathered up nicely so that you can see where you are shaving, which means you won't inadvertently go over shaved skin again, thus avoiding the chance of irritating the skin.

After Shave Cream €16.10/£14.00
"Soothes, regenerates and protects the skin. Contains Açai, Aloe, Macadamia and Cupuaçu, anti-irritants that promote natural softness and hydration, leaving the skin reinvigorated and healthy. Enhanced with a perfect combination of natural minerals, the face is left feeling invigorated, moisturized and radiantly healthy." While his Highness liked this, he didn't Love it.

You get the same no-fuss-flip-top tube but just 100ml of product, which is still impressive. It is a thick-ish cream that feels slightly greasy and this is what he didn't like. He said it felt a bit cloying on his skin, but he does have combination/oily skin. I think gents with dry skin would get on with this much better. I didn't mind this on my legs, it didn't absorb as quickly as an ordinary moisturiser might and I could still feel it a few hours after I had applied it.

Between the 2 of us we experimented with how much/little product was the perfect amount, but Himself just didn't like the way it felt like it was still sitting on his skin after 30 minutes and I don't think I would like that either, but both of us have skin that tends towards the oily side of the scale. As I said I do think this would suit dry skins better.

If you are looking for a pressie for an eco-conscious man-friend, then you can't go far wrong with Surya Brasil Sapien Men products as there are other products in the range:

Shower Gel €19.55/£17.00
Deep and effective cleansing with perfect moisturizing for the demanding needs of men’s skin.

2 in1 Shampoo and Conditioner Price €16.10/ £14.00
Provides a gentle and intense cleansing and conditioning experience for the hair without leaving a residue, this combo shampoo/conditioner has a minty natural scent.

Hair Styling Gel Price €11.50/£10.00
Provides a medium hold without using synthetic fasteners (which promote a ‘false dandruff’ effect) keeping the hair naturally shiny and bright. Excellent for all hair types.

Facial Scrub €13.80/£12.00
Removes impurities from the skin’s surface and deeply cleans the pores, leaving the skin fresh and soft.

Sapien Men Stockists:
Available from Your Tonic, the online and distribution market specialists for natural hair colour, natural beauty cosmetics and complementary healthcare products.

** Post contains samples gratefully received for review, but opinions are my own

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