Sunday, 21 December 2014

#irishbbloggersSS14 Reveal

It's here! I'm late to post, I know and I'm sorry... but better late than never! Massive thanks to Aisling (Total Makeup Addict) to organising it again this year.

I was asked to buy for Audrey from The Nail Affair, and I hope she got her pressies, I haven't heard from her yet...


When my own pressie arrived, I laughed when I opened it. And then I cried. I cried some more when I read the card. Sharon you Legend. With a CAPITAL L! I love everything! Everything was wrapped up so beautifully I was loathe to open anything... but I did.

She picked out things that I would have picked for myself. And Sharon went to the trouble of making sure my all time Man-crush was wrapped up snug and safe with some gold glitter polish up his bum. Yup, Sharon got me DAVE GROHL!!! And in this house Dave Grohl poops gold glitter. I love it. I love him. I love him so much he sits on the shelf above my chair so he is always watching over me.

Roger & Gallet Cedrat is my most favourite scent ever. Fresh and clean with a soft bitterness that is a proper lemon scent, this sits next to my chair and I use it through the day as my hand cream and to revive me when I'm feeling a bit flat. This is something I always pick up, but put back on the shelf because I struggle to spend money on creams for myself (kids could use new clothes/markers/toys I call it parental guilt), so I really, really appreciate this!

The kids also say "Thanks Very Much Aunty Shazza!!!". The reindeer noses didn't last very long, but the kids loved that they also got a treat out of Mommy's box of pressies :) I'll be honest and say that Green&Blacks isn't a brand I would normally choose, but I have since picked up a few more of the burned toffee variety to hide in my bedside table for nights when I am reading and need a bit of something to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so I will be wearing the earrings and the polish when the family come over for coffee and cake in the evening.

Again, big thanks to Aisling  for organising Secret Santa again this year!

I hope that you all have a fantastically merry festive season and that 2015 is easier on all of us!

Seasons Greetings!


  1. So glad to be able to treat you! I'm delighted Dave got there in one piece too :) Merry Christmas xx

  2. I know all about the parental guilt but I usually have a secret stash of chocolate somewhere :-) Sharon's gifts to you are brilliant! Merry Christmas x

  3. Aww you got some lovely bits, the glittery polish looks FAB :)

  4. Ahh they are so great! Merry Christmas too xx


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