Friday, 28 November 2014

NYX: Sparkles for the festive season

Silly season is well and truly upon us so its time to haul out anything that sparkles or shimmers. I'll be honest and say I like glitter... but I prefer it on my cards and decorations. Oh and on my nails... I love me some lots of glitter on my nails. However, these little babies from NYX are on the right side of sparkle without out going full on Gary Glitter....

NYX BORN TO GLOW LIQUID ILLUMINATOR (€9.49 per 18ml) comes in 2 variants:
Gleam (golden peach pearl) and Sunbeam (pale pink pearl). Similar but different, these two little bottles are highlighting gems. Gleam is perfect for warmer toned complexions, while Sunbeam will suit cooler skin tones. Mid tones can rejoice as you can use both!

First off: this is a beeeg tube for just 18ml of product, but the nozzle and the formulation means that the cream comes out easily, but precisely and there is no danger of dispensing too much and wasting it. But this also means that there will be loads left in the tube when you think its finished, so I would recommend cutting the tube open to get the last bit of product out.

NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator is a light weight cream, that NYX say can be used as a moisturiser, but unless you are going for the glitterball look, I would stick to using this on points of your face that you wish to highlight, because this is what it does really really well.

As this is a cream this sits better over cream and liquid foundation, but it will work if you blend this into your skin well before you go in with a powder foundation. It does blend easily though there is a chance you can use too much... so go easy with it: its easier to add a touch more... its near impossible to un-sparkler-ify your self...

In the summer months a small dot of Gleam blended with your foundation/bb cream will give the most gorgeous glow to your skin.

For the festive season either Gleam or Sunbeam is perfect for adding a bit of pretty sparkle to cheekbones, collarbones, cupids bow and if you are going bare legged: a very slim line of shimmer down the shinbone gives the illusion of longer leg...

well blended swatches...

If I had to choose just one of these opalescent beauties I would go with gleam, its adds a bit of warmth to skin while catching the light really nicely and for me its not as sparkly as as sunbeam is.

NYX is starting to win me over with their well priced products that perform really well. And with new stands popping up every week they are gaining in popularity. I know that the girls from Viva Adonis are fans of the  NYX Butt Naked Eyes palette (€29.99) so you would be crazy not to find a stand and have a little play with the products, I already reviewed the NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil and Butter Gloss and its safe to say the Jumbo Lip Pencil is one of my favourites

*this post contains PR Samples, but my opinions are my own.

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