Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Revolutionary FOTD with Makeup Revolution

I took these pics in August this year (2014) and I have only actually gotten round to cropping them properly and getting them "ready**" for yiz.

** I never photoshop out wrinkles or alter the colours unless my camera completely freaks out and fudges the colours. 

These are the bits I used: all firm favourites, and bits I would use everyday.

So, I used this insanely cheap palette by Makeup Revolution. This is the Iconic 3, a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3. Except this palette only costs £4. FOUR POUNDS. And while it seems they might be skimping on the price, I promise, they didn't skimp on pigmentation.

In the past I have generally steered away from warm oranges and copper colours on my skin, or around my eyes and I hae always been worries about looking like I have gone out of my way to get red, sore-looking hay-fever eyes. Not a good look when you already have hay-fever.

BUT in the name of experimenting, I used that colours I was most scared of and I don't think it turned out too mad. I used the colours marked with a tick in the picture below.

And this is a quick pass of my finger over the length of the colour in the pan and then rubbed onto my hairy-blagger-arm. That coppery shade is so buttery... and the darkest shade blends like a dream to a gorgeous duo-tone finish, it looks great all on its own.

I also used the new NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in Gleam, a golden peach pearl ( €9.49 ) on my cheekbones. This is a highlighter I can stand behind, its not overly glittery, it just gives a lovely sheen to skin.

This specific look took me all of 15 minutes to get right, and I did my eyes first before I went in with Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in True Ivory, I used an ELF small stipple brush to apply it. Then I did my brows with an old Avon Eye-brow crayon in Slate, and I lined my eyes with an Avon Glimmerstick in Brown. Mascara is one my bestie gave me when I was in South Africa (its finished now and it was awesome and I can't get it here :((((   ). I used the same stipple brish to stipple the NYX Iluminator onto my cheekbones. You don't see the Youngblood Mineral Rice Powder that I used to set my foundation, but you do see the Blank Canvas F14 brush that I used to push it into my skin.

I also need to mention that this is before I coloured my hair, so you can see a good few Silvers making their presence known in a few of the pictures. Sorry.

Do you recon I can carry off Copper? Or should I leave it to those of the blue-eyed persuasion...


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    1. Thanks Y! I've been going for the coppers more since I did this look...


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