Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Not so new kids on the blog: NYX

NYX has been in Ireland for a good few months now and overall the general concensus is that it is good. For me, NYX fits very nicely into the gap between CATRICE and Revlon. I'm talking price brackets here, becaue their pigmentation is on par with Revlon. And NYX lip glosses are way nicer than Revlons ever were.

I pretty much sprinted over to my local Bradleys Pharmacy when an Insta-Pal (Giovanna: you Rock!) informed me that a new stand had landed and it was a NYX one. I was extremely restrained, but I think I was just totally overwhelmed and couldn't decide exactly which palette I wanted and I decided to wait. I did fall in love with the Jumbo Lip Pencil in Soft Fuchsia (€4.99) and I picked up the iconic NYX Butter Gloss in Créme Brulee (€6.49)

I love, love, love this NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil! Soft Fuchsia is my perfect lip colour. It really is my actual lip colour, but Better. Its how my lips look after I've given them a scrub with my toothbrush. Soft and plump. The formulation is pretty good too. It goes on without dragging and pulling and I have touched up without the need for a mirror: it smooshes over lips nicely, giving a little bit of slip and moisture. It is basically a Lipstick in a pencil. Nothing chubby-stick about it, despite having Jumbo in the name.

I only need to top up the colour after 3 or 4 hours. AND I only need to sharpen it after 5 or 6 uses, which means about once a week. I really like this guy and I will be getting it a few siblings... at €4.99 I can get one each week with my "groceries" until I have the whole collection.

The only Issue I have with this is the lid. I've had my Pencil for about 3 weeks and the lid is cracked, slipt and falling apart. I have taped it up, but it needs a new one.

NYX Butter Gloss in Créme Brulee is the one gloss that nearly every American Beauty Blogger has in their collection. I don't blame them.
- It smells amazing,
- It costs €6.49,
- Its a beautiful colour that looks great on ANY skin tone,
- It smells amazing
- It feels good and smooshy on lips without feeling too sticky and gloopy.

It comes with the standard doe foot applicator, and my only issue with this is you can easily apply too much which just leads to a gloopy mess that will seep outside of your lip line and make its oozing way down to your chin. Or your hair, should you choose to leave your hair loose and apply Butter Glosses with wild abandon, then your hair will get caught in it and become a sticky mess that you can't get your fingers through. Just ask my daughter who robbed this out of my bag and got it in her hair when she decided to LASH this on... so apply with care and enjoy the neutral loveliness that is Créme Brulee.

I have these two lip products in my bag at all times, except when Hannah robs it off me. And for €11.48 this is a perfect lip combo when you are out and need to touch up. It is also a great lip colour for a dark smokey eye, or a neutral eye. Or just to slap on with over BB cream and mascara.

I have my eye on a few other bits other than the Jumbo Lip pencils and the Butter Glosses, and I was fortunate enough to be sent the NYX Highlighters to test so look out out for that!

Have you fallen in love with anything else from NYX? Is there andything I NEED to have in my collection? Lemme know in the comments...


  1. I got the soft fuchsia shade a few weeks back and I love it too. Agree about the lid though. The state of mine right now with the cracked lid!

  2. I really wanted that shade but when I visited the stand there was none left!

  3. Both of those are gorgeous, I just commented on makeup monsters post to say I still haven't tried NYX yet, for shame!!


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