Monday, 6 October 2014

My new favourite shop: Mise Beauty Dundalk

So. Mise Beauty in Dundalk. It is my new favourite place to go shopping either online or in the actual store because it is literally down the road from me. Finally! Something that is in my neck of the woods. Its also the place where I picked up my two new skincare staples: LaidBare DIY! Cleanser and Pixi Glow Tonic.

Laid Bare DIY! 2-in-1 Cleanser Toner (€7.50 for 125mls) is a foaming gel cleanser, but it doesn't foam so much as produce a soft lather that loosens dirt and lifts it off the skin to rinse away easily, but without stripping the skin.

It somehow manages to feel a bit like an oil as opposed to your run-of-the-mill gel cleanser, and I like this as well. It just works, its not faffy, you can use it with or without a face cloth and it does the job.  I'll be honest and say that I don't understand how it "tones" and I have not a clue what "Apple Secrets Extract" is but it does the cleansing part pretty well so I'll forgive it those oversights. I like a separate toner anyways.

I love using this in the morning as it doesn't leave my skin feeling "squeaky clean" and dried out, it is  just clean. I use this at night as my first cleanse too, it works well to get rid of the day's make up before I go in with my 2nd cleanse. But just FYI, use a proper make up remover for waterproof mascara and liners because its rubbish at taking those off.

I like that you don't need too much of the product to get a good result ( I just wish my Hubby & Daughter would realise this...), and it smells quite refreshing to me. It's quite gender neutral: my hubby thought I had originally bought it for him. My daughter also asked if it was for her to use. Harrrrrumph. So I need to get another tube stat: they are going through this at a rate of knots. Thankfully it isn't too expensive and the fact that its lasted through 2+ months of 3 people using it makes it really, really good value.

The ingredients in this Laid Bare Cleanser are quite skin friendly too, no petrochemicals, sulphates or parabens means that this suits my daughters super sensitive eczema skin and its kinder to the environment when it goes down the drain eventually.

Pixi Glow Tonic (€20 for 200mls). Not much to say about this except that for me, it rocks. It's an "Acid" toner, which means it helps to dissolve the bonds between the dead skin cells and the lovely new skin cells hiding underneath to reveal the lovely new skin. Pixi Glow Tonic has also helped my skin to heal faster, especially after a particularly bad hormonal breakout. And I seem to be having far too many of those lately.

 I am only using it once a day, in the evening after cleansing and I find that my serum (I'm using the new La Roche Posay Redermic range: its gooooood) goes on easier and sinks in much quicker. I feel like I am using less of the serum too, because my skin is properly prepped.

As you can see I am just about done with my Pixi GLow Tonic, and as I write this the LaidBare cleanser tube is in the bin... I need MOAR!!! I have a shopping list as long as my leg for things I would LOVE to get in Mise Beauty but my car needs a service and I have three trips to Dublin to pay for this month, so I will just use the other cleansers in my stash until November's paycheque comes in.  Le Sigh.

I highly recommend Mise Beauty in Dundalk, or indeed online. I like going in to the actual store though because its close (yay!!!! no bus trip required to Dublin to get sought after products) and the girls are lovely.

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