Friday, 18 July 2014

NYC Bits: they're De Bomb

This post is very late in coming. BUT. I held off on writing this because when these NYC bits came through the door they screamed Autumn to me. So I waited. But knowing they were in my drawer, calling to me, I couldn't leave them alone anymore and brought them out for a little play.

The colours are warm and cosy looking, and even though its the height of Summer here in Ireland at the moment (and we're loving every minute of it) the cooler months will be upon us soon enough, and I am trying to be a bit more prepared. Did I mention that all of these beauties cost less than a €5 each? SCORE!!!!

This apricot-y powder blush looks bright and unassuming in the pan, but NYC Cheek Glow in Prospect Park Rose is actually a little bit shimmery and it will look flipping amazing on pale Irish skin. If you have the Cream, this is the Peaches. In other words the exact kind of skin I don't have. Hurrrumph. However it works as a lovely soft highlighter on my cheekbones adding a tiny bit of warmth and a bit of shimmer that emphasizes the auld bones nicely.

I have been reaching for this City Proof Buildable Mascara most mornings since I took all these bits out to play with. Its a good basic mascara. Black. Nice Brush. Good Formula. But it doesn't blow me away. And I am not entirely sure about its "buildable" claims either. When I tried to "reapply endlessly", I just ended up with clumpy lashes that stuck together. But as far as lashing (teehee) this on while running out of the door without ending up with spider legs on my lower lid, and no flakes during the day, its pretty good. But its not my favourite: Big Bold Curl Mascara

Did you know that your finger-tip is a good way to test how a lippy will look on you? I always have a problem in that a lipstick looks great in the tube, but looks very different on my lips (my body heat and chemistry/oils makes all nudes turn PINK! on me). NYC City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Colour Crayon jumps on the lip colour crayon bandwagon with aplomb.  Gramercy Park Plum is a winter shade if ever I one did see. A rich, glossy reddish plum that feels super comfortable on my lips. It lasts a good few hours even if it does tend to wear from the center of the lips first, application is easy enough and doesn't require a mirror, just something vaguely reflective. This isn't a fully opaque lipstick, think of this as a very well pigmented lip balm instead and you'd be on the money.

There are a few variations on this NYC Individual Eyes palette, all designed for eye colours. Just because I have brown eyes, doesn't mean I wouldn't have a go at the palettes aimed at Green and Blue eyes. Four eyeshadows, and 2 creams (primer and highlighter) and a little plastic cover with a suggestion as to where to place the eyeshadows. Don't toss the little sponge applicator: they are ideal for smudging eyeliner into the lashes!

The pigmentation isnt out of this world, but it is perfect for daytime. The primer is quite nice and extends the longevity of the eyeshadows as well as intensifying the colours, and having everything in the same palette saves you from having to root through your stash to find a little bottle/tube of primer. The highlighter doesn't look out of place on the very tops of cheekbones either: no need to carry another product about with you. Perfect for holiday bags!

A decent NYC stand is like a... Like a... I don't know what its like because I have never seen one. But I have seen a picture and it looks awesome. If you know of one, get thee there soonest and pick up the star of all of NYC products ever: EVER Ever.  NYC BB Beautifying Blushable Cream Stick. Soho Pink is a gorgeous natural dusty pink that will suit anyone. ANYONE!

Soft, perfect, blendable, perfect. Its perfect. The perfect hint of shimmer. My most favourite cream stick anything. It even looks great on my lips and it one of the few products that doesn't change colour on my lips. Its perfect! I managed to win another one in a brighter pink and I love it too! I'll do a separate post on these beauties and show you what they look like on.

Now. if you spy a decent NYC stand, grab yourself a few of those BB Sticks, their Nail varnishes are also great value. You can find your nearest NYC stockist here:  STOCKISTS

All Products are samples, gratefully received. All opinions and pictures are my own.


  1. I love NYC I keep walking past those BB sticks I have to buy one!

  2. That lipstick will be mine for winter!

  3. Love the colour of that lip crayon! xx

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