Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Face D 3-Luronics: visible results, but not on my face

Promising "Instant results" This new serum-cream hybrid from Face D is making some big claims. So, does Face D 3-Luronics Instant Effect Cream Serum live up to the claims? Well it sort of does, but not as "instantly" as the box says.

While my face isn't particularly wrinkled (thanks goodness!) I am starting to see a bit of Crepe creeping up my neck. It is especialy visible in the mornings when I get up, my neck where it joins my shoulders is full of fine lines and crinkles that have been taking longer and longer to fade away as the morning wears on. And the lines and crinkles were starting to make their way up my neck towards my face... Oh Dear.

Face D 3-Luronics Instant Effect Cream fit into my routine quite easily. I have combination skin and this serum cream can be used as either a serum or a cream. I prefer to use it as a serum, a step to help draw moisture into the skin and keep it there. The cream  isn't runny and has more of a dry texture, which is a bit odd, but it sinks in incredibly quickly. It smells of nothing. Which is a little odd, but this doesn't even have a clean, pharmaceutical smell.

 The dryness of the cream makes it a little difficult to spread on skin that is dry though, so after cleansing and toning, I spritz a quick spray of my favourite Vichy Thermal Water over my face and neck and immediately go in with this while my skin is still damp. It spreads much better and goes further, while still sinking in quickly. I follow with my moisturiser of choice and I'm done.

"Free from parabens, colourants, allergens and mineral oils, Face D 3-Luronics uses a combination of Amino Acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Retinol and 3 lightweight Hyaluronic Acid molecules which act to improve skin hydration, elasticity and moisture retention". And it genuinely does all of these things. Although the effects take a little while to be properly noticeable, a little over a week to be precise. But after said week I noticed that the crinkles on my neck were less pronounced and that they faded much quicker as the day progressed.

My neck is one of the places I realised I was starting to show my age, and this cream has helped to smooth and plump out lines in that area. I have realised that the fine lines around my eyes are also starting to plump out (after 3months).

I really like that this isn't contributing to the oil slick that sometimes occurs on my t-zone either, instead it leaves a matte finish on the skin (before I slap on my moisturiser) and I know Oily skinned gals will really like this. Hydration without oiliness is a big ask from a moisturiser and Face D 3-Luronics Instant Effect Cream Serum delivers exactly that.

For what it claims and what it does, I do think that Face D 3-Luronics Instant Effect Cream is a little bit overpriced at €29.99 for a 30ml tube, but it will last you around 3 months (which is average). Available exclusively at Lloyds Pharmacy, you can go here to order yours:

Sample provided for review, Opinions & Images my own

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