Wednesday 2 July 2014

Blog Swap with Make Up For Dolls!!

I was absolutely thrilled when Siobhán from Make Up For Dolls asked me if I wanted to do a "blog Swap" with her. And between illness and kids and school holidays we managed to get it sorted. So without too much more rambling, I give you the very awesome Lady S....

Thanks so much to Cindy for agreeing to the blog swap!  Please go visit me here to read Cindy’s post on my blog.

It’s definitely festival season, and my absolute favourite OTT makeup brand of all time, Illamsqua, is advertising its festival-ready wares for fun festival makeup.

Four different looks are suggested, together with videos on how to re-create them…

Illamasqua - Rock Look

To create a monochrome grungy rocked-out lived-in smokey eye, Illamasqua suggest you use their Fatale Palette, Eye Pencil in Honour and Pure Pigment in Fervent, together with Lipstick in Growl on both the lips and cheeks.  My kind of festival makeup, and absolutely minimal amount of "stuff" to truck along with you!  To look at the “how to” video, look here!

Illamasqua - Holiday Look

Not for me, but a lot of fun, although somewhat more time-consuming, this time using theirBronzing Duo to add a sun-kissed glow along with Eye Shadow in Bronx and a sheer, nude glossy lip in Artiface.  The leopard spots are created by mixing the IllamasquaSealing Gel with Bronx to create a waterproof paste for the spots, then finishing off with Precision Ink in Abyss for the black parts.  Fun, but definitely requiring at least a couple of tools, some time, and a steady hand :-)  The how-to is here.

Illamasqua- Desert Island Disco Look

I could definitely wear this - a gorgeous riot of colours on the eyes created with the Paranormal palette, lots of Masquara and white spots created with the Precision Ink in Scribe.  I have all the shades of these Precision Inks and I have to say I absolutely love them.  How-to video here.

Illamasqua - Day Look

At lot more understated but using long-lasting products that will last you all day then then some, this one uses Matte Veil under the foundation to give this a budge-proof matte base, IllamasquaSkin Base foundation on top, and one of the new Matte Lip Liquids.  Look at how to create this one here, it’s a look you could wear anytime, festival or otherwise.

My Own Festival Looks

For me, when I go to a festival, the more silly and “out there” the better!  When else can you don 24-hour sparkles and glitter and not look silly?

I’m rarely without my transfers (fake tattoos – coz I’m too scared to get a real one!)

I’ve been known to sport some Speckled Liner (inspired by the IllamasquaI’mPerfection collection)

Wigs, hair chalking, OTT lashes?  Check, check and check!

And I’ve even gone completely overboard and donned some Dia de Los Muertos-type makeup J

My festival of choice?  The Electric Picnic – love it.  Ten years on, and the line up keeps getting better.  I will definitely be there again this year, sporting silly makeup and having a right laugh!  Whatever your poison of choice, makeup is a hell of a lot of fun.  So have fun with it, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Thanks so much to Siobhán for putting everything together so neatly and including links to very cool videos for all of her Illamasqua Looks!

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  1. I love that first illamasqua look, it's so rich and Gothic. The Day of the Dead makeup is amazing!


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