Monday, 30 June 2014

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ : Its Love.

I have already professed my love for French brand La Roche Posay and so it was a given that when this new improved tube of the already cult status product slipped though my post box it would fit into my skin routine with no problem. And the new improved formulation of Effaclar Duo+ (with added +) means it working even harder than its predecessor.

 Although initial reviews were mixed, I think that Duo+ only starts to show real definable results after 6 weeks.  Specifically formulated to target the key signs of oily, blemish-prone skin, it has been proven to correct the appearance of blemishes, unclog pores and refine the look of skin texture. But this means that the unclogging stage will be very closely followed by a purge stage. Bleaurgh. However... keeping skin clean, and properly hydrated will help keep the unclogging stage short and relatively minor. Which is exactly what the original Effaclar Duo did.

The plus side to Effaclar Duo+ is that it contains ingredients to help improve the look of existing blemish (pimple) scarring or dark marks that are sometimes left behind once the Blemish is healed. And after using Effaclar Duo + every day, twice a day for the last 8 weeks, I can honestly say that the scarring on my face from past blemishes is very very much improved. The best thing about this though, is that my childhood chickenpox scars (that are more than 25years old... ahem) have smoothed and lightened so much that I don't need to use concealer on them any more.

Blemishes that do come to the surface also didn't hang around as long. Another plus for Duo+. The tube is plastic (not metallic) and because the cream/serum is fluid, it comes out of the tube easily, but its not so fluid that it runs all over the place leading to waste. You dispense exactly the amount you need and if you need a tiny bit extra, its easy to control.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ isn't expensive either, retailing at just €19.99 for a 40ml tube and has lasted me more than 8 weeks. What makes it great value is that there is still at least a quarter of the tube left. You don't need very much of this, I have been using it as a serum, after cleansing and toning and before moisturiser. LRP do say that if you have oily skin you can forgo moisturiser during the day to help keep skin mattified. But if you choose to do this, please, Please use a good quality night cream to re-hydrate your skin. Even oily skin needs hydration!

I really, really like what Effaclar Duo+ is doing for my combination skin and I have already budgeted for my next tube. My skin is smoother and I am definitely getting less clogs and as I have already said previous scarring from wars that I have waged on "volcanoes" is much improved. Win.

If you have oily, blemish prone skin that needs a bit of help, give this a go. Be patient and give it chance to work. If you haven't seen an improvement after 8 weeks, then pass on what is left in the tube to a friend who may need it. But I think that if you do give it a chance (and your skin is properly oily) you will like this. You can learn more on where they have tips on keeping skin clear and healthy.

Find La Roche Posay products in pharmacies and Boots stores (or online) everywhere.

**PR Sample provided for review, Opinions my own.


  1. I have tried this and I so love it. I have also referred it my daughter and like me it has worked wonders on her too.

  2. Thank you, this post was very informative. I just wanted to ask you - did you have like a mini breakout (aka purging) when you started? I think it broke me out just a bit and I am thinking if I should continue with it or stop.

    Thanks x

    1. I did have 3 or 4 spots that appeared around my chin, but they cleared up very quickly. I would keep using it for at least 6 weeks so that you can get a clear result, unless your skin is raw or red or sore, then stop and use gentle products!


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