Monday, 26 May 2014

YoungBlood Incoming: Summer 2014

Oohhhhh there are some very very lovely things coming from mineral makeup masters YoungBlood Mineral Cosmetics for Summer and Fall 2014, and I have a very schnakey schneek peek of something coming for later in the year. The Closer2Fabulous ladies, Elaine and Debs, welcomed us to the studio and introduced to us to Philip Luque, who is the "Global Educator" and we got stuck in.

Philip gave us a brief re-cap on the brand and how versatile it actually is and then showed us exactly how good their mineral powder foundation is by covering up an accidental burn on Belle's (Believe with Belle) face (a hot curling iron was the culprit) and blew Kat's (Dolly Rouge) mind by using cream products on top of a powder product to leave a flawless, full coverage finish without it looking cakey or heavy and not a trace of the burn. I've seen how Philip has covered tattoo's with YoungBlood foundations, and I was still amazed at the natural finish he achieved, with very little work.  I stupidly didn't take a picture but I have a good reason, I had my hands (and mouth) full of Elaine's Mars Bar Rice Crispie Treats. 

Then Philip moved on to the new products that are en-route to us for Summer 2014 (expect it on shelves in July 2014) and Fall (September / October) and a Holiday Sneak Peek.

First up for Summer are new Brow Pencils. A twist up, soft, very pigmented gel/wax hybrid that is perfect for filling in sparse brows and providing enough hold for unruly ones. This isn't going to give you HD brows, but it is going to enhance what is already there. The spoolie hidden in the base is a handy little trick and makes blending any hard lines easy without having to go hunting for a separate brush.  I stupidly didn't take a pic of these because I was too busy fawning over the next items: 

And 3 New Lip Conditioners which we had better be getting because they are gorgeous. Lightly pigmented, with lots of moisturisers and an Spf 15, this is such a comfortable product on the lips (think cicaplast lips in a more solid formula with added colour and spf). Innovative packaging will keep the kids out of it and means it won't pop open in your bag.

The star of the Summer release is going to be the Eye-Mazing Liquid Eyeliner Pen. A felt tip nib that is firm but not hard, well saturated in the liquid. It applies like a dream with no dragging and dries quite quickly. This will need a bit of practice for newbies, but once you get it it will be the quickest Liner you will ever use. The stand out for me is Azure (the blue). A bright powder blue perfect for poolside glamour. 

The best bit is the longevity of this liner. These swatches went on at 11:45am, survived numerous rubs and hand washings, made the dinner and did the dishes at 18:45, and made it through my evening shower at 21:00. I ended up using my Cleanse Off Mitt to get it off my hand and it came of easily enough with a bit of cleanser. I can't wait for these, especially the blue (Azul) and the green (Verde).

 Fall (or Autumn) will see a new cream blush and a new colour lipliner. The Lip Liner is called Port and is exactly the colour of the drink. A rich velvety maroon that goes on very smoothly and stays put on the lips until it is removed.

Luxe, the new cream blush is rather scary looking in the pan, but I swatched it lightly so that you can see just how versatile the colour is, a light hand will give a light wash of colour, layer it on for deeper colour. The finish is slightly satin, but its not shimmery at all, This is going to be a winner for the cooler months.

Now, A sneak peak of a product that has me Eagerly counting down to the festive season. I know Summer hasn't even happened yet but just look at this:

Metallics! Almost a foil finish to these superbly pigmented, creamy eyeshadows that will be available as a trio in a palette. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! 

Unfortunately I don't have prices for any of these yet, heck some of the products that we got to see are only prototypes, but as soon as I do, I'll update. 

You can get YoungBlood Mineral Cosmetics from the Closer2Fabulous website and some pharmacies around the country. Check out their Facebook page for a full list.

I'll have another post on a few of the bits they sent me home with to play with and they are flipping awesome!


  1. Gorgeous colours and love the look of the lip tints!

  2. I have heard about the powder before liquid tip before from other make up artists - sounds weird, but I still want to try it out!


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