Thursday, 22 May 2014

Outfit of the day: 21 May 2014

My second OOTD. And for the uninitiated, OOTD is the abbreviation for "Outfit Of The Day". I toddled off to a preview of the new bits incoming from my favourite mineral makeup brand YoungBlood Mineral Cosmetics.

I bought a few new pieces from Penneys for my daughters communion and they were so comfortable I decided I would make the effort to dress up a bit and wear a few pieces again.

See that shadow in the bottom right of the door? That's Lulu.

I LOVE this necklace from New Look. It hangs beautifully and feels lovely on, its a good weight so you know its there, but its not uncomfortably heavy. I just know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this, not bad for €9.95.

My shirt is from Penneys (€10.50) and is also available in a salmon pink. The Mint one called my name though and it is my Summer2014 colour. Its a viscous blend that does crease at the drop of a hat, but the creases drop out fairly easily (a brisk 25 minute walk up O'Connell street does the trick). This shirt is cool and breezy and I went for a larger size (16) to help with the easy breezy floaty feeling.

Penneys again for the tube skirt (€7). This longer length black tube skirt is so comfy and can be dressed up or down. It does have the tendency to ride up a bit as you walk (run) around, but show me a tube skirt that doesn't ride and I'll eat this one. As it it this one is really comfy, falls nicely and doesn't crease even after an hour and a half on a bus.

For my walking I wore these sandals from Penneys (€3.50) and they did the job, although I managed to scuff the front of one of the sandals on the footpath. Poop.

I stopped at a coffee shop and put on my big shoes for the event. New Look are doing some gorgeous wedges for the summer, all at great prices. These Black Strappy ones cost me just €24.99. High enough to look lovely, but the wedges make these easy enough to walk in without fear of breaking a bone. The straps fit snugly enough so that you feel secure in the shoes. I really like these.

Slowly, I'm learning to dress for a (not so) new, different body shape. Going in and trying on dresses for me was a total bust as my body shape has changed in the last 9 years. I'm still looking for a dress that will fit me on the top and the bottom, but until then I've realised that Skirts may just be my best friend. Don't get me wrong, I love my jeans, but I'm sick of them now already.

But hopefully my new training regime will hope to get my strength back and (Fingers crossed) a bit of my figure too.


  1. Love that top with the necklace!

  2. You look stunning! I love the colour of the blouse and the wedges are gorgeous.

  3. Loving that necklace! You look fantastic, I'm obsessed with mint for the season too :) xx

  4. The dress run a little large in the bust area, but that is an easy fix. This dress must be part of every woman's wardrobe it is so nice. Just perfect. I felt like a princess in it.

  5. Looking gorgeous, love the sandals and the statement necklace in partic. Must go look-see...


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