Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Lets Talk Blog Challenge 3: Birthday Box

Week 3 already! We are half way through the Lets Talk Blogger Challenge that the Ever Stylish Sarah Hamersley (At The Beauty Desk) conjured up, and this weeks topic is a good one. A fantasy style post : "If you were designing and creating your own birthday box what would you have in it?"
Sarah has given us free reign to include anything from beauty and fashion to locations and treatments. Anything that would be our favourite things to have/do on our birthdays. What a topic!

I have been thinking about this all week, thinking about what I would love to get in a box for my birthday, what I would most appreciate, and its a tough one. But I think I have decided.

I would love to get a wardrobe update. A consultation with a stylist and then free reign to update bits in my wardrobe that need updating and replace any staples that may need replacing. The first "box" would need to be a big one as I haven't had a proper wardrobe update since before I had Liam 6 years ago!

I have been stuck in a bit of a slump just lately that I am really really struggling to shake, but I am starting to feel the itch in my fingers to get back to writing again so hopefully I'll get my mojo back ASAP.

My Darling Daughter has her communion this week, so I have kind of written off anything that isn't involved with her Communion for this week while I am getting prepared. I'm not Catholic, but my husband's family is, and they will want to make a big deal of her. She has asked me to stand with her, I hope I don't embarrass her too much!

Please do check the twitter #letstalkblogchallenge for the other bloggers taking part in the challenge and their posts... I hope you all have a fab week!


  1. Wish I had have thought of a wardrobe update!! God knows i need one... And guidance in what to buy!! Good luck with the Communion! :)

  2. Hope you have a lovely time at the communion!

  3. I hope the Communion goes well, you could never embarrass anyone by standing with them x Great idea for the box too, I think I'd have gone on a virtual spree of silly things instead of picking something decent like that!


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