Monday, 5 May 2014

Lets Talk Blog Challenge 2: Summer Essentials

Yay!!! It is Monday again and that means that its time for the Lets Talk Blog Challenge! Sarah from At The Beauty Desk has asked us to chat about our Summer Essentials this week and I have a few great picks for you :

First up: Sunscreen. Yes Even in "sunny" Ireland and especially during the warmer months I slap on a layer of some kind of sunscreen in the morning before I head out. During the summer holidays the kids are not allowed outside unless they have their sunscreen on.

The big tin of Family SPF30 comes from South Africa, its dead handy for the kids as its a spray on, rub in and rush out the door without a major palaver. It is non greasy and the white cast disappears quickly. And re-application is easy. Its a winner for the kids.

I flip-flop (haha summer joke there) between La Roche Posay and Vichy for my facial sunscreens.
 The LRP Anthelios 50+ ultra light is gorgeous to use first thing in the morning as it skins in quickly and its at all greasy.
Vichy's new Capital Soleil SPF50 BB cream smells like coconut tanning oil: like holidays. Not a lot of coverage with this one, but it gives a great dewy finish that blends easily and isn't heavy on the skin. Great for drier skin types.
My favourite is LRP Anthelios XL SPF50+ Powder compact. Its a cream to powder foundation that is a freakin awesome. High SPF and great coverage and a wonderful finish on the skin, I use my RT Expert Face brush to buff this in and I have great skin with top protection and touch-ups are not a problem. I'll review this in more detail in the week.

The Body Shop has you sorted for cooling Summer scents. This Coconut Body Mist is a great wee product to keep in the car or in your gym bag to make sure that soft summer scent trails in your wake.

Summer skin needs hydration and Boots Botanics Rosewater Toning Mist is cheap as chips, comes in a plastic spray bottle and smells lovely. If your car doesn't have aircon, then a few spritzes of this onto your skin and leaving the windows open equals cool as cucumber kids and drivers.
Vichy Eau Thermal spray comes in a big tin and a little tin. Himself likes the little tin as he can spray the air above himself while he is lying in bed and its a soothing mist that cools him down at night.
I don't like to faff too much with my hair in the summer so I generally wash it and leave it to air dry. This Mane 'n Tail Hair Strengthening Spray is light, smells like sweeties and softens my hair while smoothing frizz. Its pricey but it is worth it.

I'm a sweater. Its not cool, its been downright embarrassing a few times, and my anti-perspirant of choice is Mitchum Solid Stick Deo in any of the scents. It's not the most glamorous of summer essentials, but its an essential to me.
While most people agree that coconut is one of THE summer scents, for me this Trio from Crabtree & Evelyn evokes many many memories of hot summers in South Africa. Tarocco Orange reminds me of the Eau de Cologne my mom would use to cool us off with on long car journeys while we were on our way to our holiday destinations. Its amazingly cooling, fresh, uplifting, zingy and my most favourite scent EVER!
Penneys / Primark are great for budget bits and their sunglasses are awesome. Cheap and cheerful and not a bother if they get lost/stolen/stood on. Also most Penneys stores have an Essence stand: hit up those nail polishes. €1.79 for all the summer colours you could want. Do it!
Something for dry, itchy skin: Brazil Nut Body Butter from The Body Shop is YUMMEH. Soft and sweet with deep hydration that doesn't sit on the skin in a heavy layer. And you smell edible at bedtime...

Summer Makeup needs to be light and bright. LRP Cicaplast for Lips is the perfect summer lip balm. Light, super hydrating and tastes good. It also makes a great base for Rimmel's Lipsticks in any of the colours in the Kate Moss line. They are about €7 or so and well worth the spend. Garnier BB cream for Oily skin is great for summer months when you are in a rush and don't want to bother with foundation. there are loads of reviews out there for this beauty. Its a good one.
NYC is dropping this new BB Blush in the summer and if you can find it BUY IT! Amazing pigmentation, fantastic blend-ability and I have used this on my lips and my cheeks. I think its going to cost around €4.49 for the twist up tube. Get a few, keep them everywhere. They are awesome.
Catrice Glamour Doll Waterproof Mascara is just that. Waterproof. You need a makeup remover to get this off. Once its on its not going to just come off for a bit of sweat, it also gives a great fanned out effect on the lashes.

 So. Those are my Summer Essentials for 2014. Along with my Sponge Bob flipflops and an ice berger.

Check out the other bloggers essentials by checking out the #letstalkblogchallenge on twitter and pop on to Sarah's Youtube Channel to check out her very cool videos if you have a few minutes!

Now all we need is for the Sun to shine and the rain to stay away. Bring on the BBQs!


  1. Excellent post and I really like the sound of the Body Shop Coconut Body Mist! :D

  2. I never knew about that La Roche Posay powder compact! Really want to hear more about it :O Will have to be on the look out for the BB blushes as well!

  3. Oh my goodness, so many goodies here to purchase! And all relatively cheap too. :) Xx

  4. Seriously I had to get my notebook out and take notes of what to buy after reading all about your summer essentials!!! Great collection xx

  5. Oh wow, I want to buy everything here. Firstly items on the list is the Crabtree and Evelyn products, I LOVE orange scents in summer, just so refreshing and uplifting. I've never heard of this brand before so will have to look them up (I'm going to get that whole set) A BBQ and sunshine now and I'd be in heaven :)

  6. Been reading all these posts and love this one by far! You really went all out and compiled a full list of what you need for the summer. Well done you! Lots of things here that I'd love to try out, maybe even buy a few... :D xx

  7. I absolutely LOVE your Sunnies! I feel a collection coming on... :P

  8. Excellent post! I am going to look for that evelyn & crabtree now so I can smell it. The body shop do great creams and I will def be checking out the NYC stuff.

  9. Ive heard such great things about those NYC blushes, going to snap them up if I see them! Great summer collection!


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