Monday, 21 April 2014

Makeup Revolution: Dupe City. And they are awesome.

Makeup Revolution is a new Budget Brand that is taking the English makeup market by storm. Low Prices, decent sized Gigantic products, and fantastic pigmentation for the most part. If Jane from British Beauty Blog and Adrienne from The Sunday Girl are giving them god review you can bet your last donut I am gonna give it a whirl.

 There are rumblings floating about that Makeup Revolution is the brainchild of a former MUA creative, who has gone solo and has produced products that are a smidge better than MUA. And from a little play around with the 3 eyeshadow products I spent my money on the pigmentation is far better than most Essence and MUA eyeshadows and a nose better than most Catrice eyeshadows. Colour me Impressed.

Oh, and you should know that the prices are teeny: £1 for a single colour pan containing 3.3g, and their 12 colour palettes cost a miniscule £4. FOUR POUNDS!!!!!
I decided on the Revolution Iconic 3 palette, and 2 singles shadows from the Full Insomnia collection: Insomnia and I Won't Be Alone. And yes.... how similar does Iconic 3 look to another cult classic that the beauty world went nuts for?! I'll review this in more detail in another post.

Despite wanting to go absolutely mad on the Makeup Revolution website, I ordered just three things. And I am kicking myself now for not ordering more. Shipping to Ireland costs £4.95 and my products arrived within 5 days of ordering (Ordered Sunday night, delivered Friday morning), well packed and padded and not a crack or speck of product out of place.

Iconic 3 contains 12 colours, housed in a cheap plastic palette with a clear cover so you can see the gorgeous shades. Its the kind of thing that I would be far happier traveling with as opposed to something that cost almost €40. This is a tenth of the price and I certainly wouldn't shed tears if I dropped it or if it got smashed.  I would be interested in seeing and ingredient comparision between these and the colours and those in the Urban Decay offering...

 A collection of pearls, shimmers and mattes (which tend to be a little chalky) I was surprised at how much fun I had playing with the "rose gold" toned colours. For the most part the colours are quite creamy and blend quite well. And I managed something very subtle (so subtle you can hardly see it) and something a little more dramatic that I forgot to take a picture of until I slapped my cleanser on. Doh!

The singles are bloody gorgeous though. These two applied and blended quite nicely with a little fall out when I was packing colour on. I think these would do even better on top of a primer. But my primer wasn't anywhere to be found when I was playing about. I know that Jane has said that the matte shades would definitely benefit from using a primer to decrease the chalk-factor.

As you can see I picked up a reddish purpley metallic colour in Insomnia and a gorgeous petrol blue shimmer in I Won't Be Alone. The swatches are a double swipe in the product and then a double swipe onto my arm. And just look at the shine!

If you decide to travel with these, you can do so safe in the knowledge that they wont come open during your travels. In fact you need a good strong grip to get them open. Also the pan is massive, you won't run through these in a hurry.

All in all I am really impressed. I spent a total of €13.76 (after converting it from pounds) and that included shipping. I have a few more things in my shopping basket on the website and I can't wait to get a few extra pennies together so I can play with more of their products.

*Products purchased with my own money and opinions are my own


  1. I "discovered" about a week ago that MR ship internationally - a budget beautybrand that's actually budget and apparently a fairly good quality, and I can get my hands on the stuff? I've already decided there aren't enough swatches around of these beauties, so I've already placed two orders, and got quite the wishlist as well.

    1. I know!!!! I am totally impressed and have told all my friends about them!

  2. I can't Wait for my order to arrive!! I got very carried away! It better arrive tomorrow think I've been waiting over a week

  3. I wonder do superdrug stock these in the uk. I'm a little bored with MUA as I think I've used all their decent products thus far; I'm in the market for a new budget brand!

    1. I think they do! This is far superior to the MUA things that I have, you won't be disappointed Claire!
      If you can't get it in superdrug, go straight to the website as they ship All over the place!

  4. That palette looks so identical to one I bought on holidays last week that I'm kicking myself that I purchased it now! The products look amazing! Can't beat a good budget make up brand! :)

  5. Great review! Looking forward to purchasing from this brand.


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