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Cocoa Brown 1 Hr Tan Dark: Ehm...

Yeah, Marissa Carter has done it again. She has gone and created a few new products to the already very successful Cocoa Brown Range of fake tans. Her new additions include a gradual tanner, a "leg makeup" spray and a Darker Formulation of the now Cult Classic 1 Hour Tan, which I am reviewing today.

The NEWEST baby in the Cocoa Brown Range!

What I do like is the new sticky seal around the cap that prevents "people" from "testing" the product. Yay for hygiene seals!

The new hygiene seal and a love letter from Marissa

So from now on you will need to look on the side of the tin to choose between the classic 1 Hour Tan and the newer dark shade. Although honestly, I am not entirely sure there is a massive difference between the two as you will see further into this review.

The new Dark Tan... Looks just like the Original tan

The Dark version comes in the same can with the same dispenser as the original version, and it dispenses as a mousse that smells like awesome flowers. Tahitian Gardenia flowers to be exact. And provided you rinse the tan off after 3 hours you won't get the fake tan stink that you get as the DHA develops. Although I have left the original version on over night and showered in the morning and the smell was there, but it wasn't over powering.

The Dark 1 Hour Tan Mousse has a higher concentration of DHA and so should develop a deeper colour, but the fake tan smell is a little more evident after the three hour guide time. Well it was for me. Anyways, I followed Marissa's pre-tan tips and then got stuck in applying the mousse to my legs, using my mitt. Easy enough.

Before applying with my Official Cocoa Brown Mitt

The Dark mousse is also tinted like the original version so you can see exactly where you are putting tan and which bits you may have missed. I really like this about this tan, because I am hopeless at getting it non-tinted tans distributed evenly and I always end up with a gorgeous patchwork look.
Cocoa Brown has not let me down in the even application department yet though, and for this they are my go to tan.

Immediately after application, Note I cropped out my tootsies so as not to offend!

As you can see in the picture above, I have freshly moussed legs, the guide colour is light but lovely and there is not a pale patch in sight. But this is where it goes a bit ehhhhhh....

You see the tan just didn't develop a colour further than the guide colour for me. I left it on for the first time for the recommended 3hours to get a good deep tan  and then I hopped into a quick shower to rinse the mousse off and I got this:

After 3 hours of developing... not much colour at all and I'm a bit disappointed

I was a little disappointed! I would have been happier if I had turned Oompah Orange (strike that, I would have been mightily pissed if that happened). But I honestly expected a deeper colour than the pale tint that I received.

Did I try it again, I sure as heck did. I waited a few days, scrubbing religiously, moisturising with Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip Oil Free body lotion (OMG that stuff is Awesome) and then I tried again, being a bit more heavy handed with the mousse. But I got the same thing. I didn't even bother taking a picture of the 2nd time because I was flummoxed. Pale and Flummoxed..

Did I get a dud of a can? Was my skin rebelling against being dragged so suddenly into the light of Spring? Was I destined to be vaguely pale for the rest of the summer? I have no Idea. I am honestly hoping I just had a dud tin and that another tin will do me a bit better.

Or do you recon I would be better off just sticking to the original as it has treated me really well.

I know other bloggers have had better success with this Dark version of the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse, but sadly I am not one of them. And I think I will be passing this tin on to my sister-in-law to see how she gets on with it...

If you want to try it for yourself, you can get Cocoa Brown Products in Penneys/Primark Stores across Ireland, Superdrug stores and many, many pharmacies!

*This product was provided for review and I was not paid for my opinion

ps: Happy Easter!

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