Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hydraluron: It's not for me.

Beloved and prescribed by Queen Caroline Hirons, Indeed Labs Hydraluron is gaining in popularity for dry or dehydrated skins. And while I was dying to try it on my dry patches, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of having to shell out €32.50 for the 30ml tube. Also my local Boots is teeny tiny and doesn't always get these cutting edge bits in.

But the wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful Kat (Dolly Rouge) told me that she would send me a sample of her tube. I didn't expect her to actually send me the tube, but she did and there was almost two weeks worth of product in it. (thanks Kitty Kat, you Rock!)

As you may know, Hyaluronic acid (which is the main ingredient of Hydraluron) is an incredible hydration ingredient that can hold up to 1,000 times it's weight in water. It essentially attracts moisture to itself. If it is used on the skin it will attract moisture into the skin. The other active ingredient is a bio-engineered strain of marine red algae which causes controlled and mild stimulation of skin turnover to allow thorough penetration of Hydraluron's hyaluronic acid.

Hydraluron is meant to be used after cleansing and toning but before serums and creams. It isn't a moisturiser, but it is meant to help the penetration of your moisturiser, and Indeed Labs say that using Hydraluron increases the skin's ability to retain moisture over time and reduces the amount of topical moisturisers needed to maintain ideal skin hydration.

It is a clear gel, with no smell that spreads easily. A little goes a long long way and you would only need a small pea-sized blob to do your whole face and neck. You need to work fairly quickly as this absorbs (or evaporates I'm not entirely sure which) quite quickly and it honestly feels like you are spreading a layer of water on your skin.

I can't say that I felt a massive improvement after using this for two weeks. My skin isn't massively dehydrated, thanks to the Kerstin Florian Rescue Creme and a new product from The Body Shop, but I had hoped to feel at least a small improvement in the dry patches. I do know that 2 weeks is a relatively short period of time to use/trial a product and normally I do test over a period of 6 - 8 weeks before I make a full judgement, but first impressions for me are unimpressive.

Something that I have heard is that some skins don't get the full benefit of topically applied Hyaluronic Acid and that it may be better for those people to absorb it internally via capsules or the popular Collagen Shots supplements. The capsules are something that I would consider as Collagen Shots are rather expensive although they have proved to be quite effective.

All in all though, I am glad that I am glad that I didn't have to shell out 30+ squids for something that didn't impress me.

Muchos Gracias/ Big Ups / Thanks Very Much to Kat for send me a bit to try!


  1. Great review, havent heard a bad word about this so interesting to read your opinion!

  2. I wasn't overawed with this either tbh, I used it for a couple of months and just assumed I was missing something. It makes sense what you said there about it not working for certain skin types and maybe collagen shots might be a better way to go. Great review!

  3. That is so lovely of Kat, ohmygod!! I never knew you could take it internally, sounds like a better option!

  4. So nice of Kat to pass her Hydraluron on (she was a skinsaver for me a few years ago when I unexpectedly ran out of my La Roche-Posay AR Intense Serum on the same day as *all* my other skincare products and the Dolly Rouge ladies offered to send me one as they wouldn't be finishing their sample).

    Good comprehensive review. I haven't tried Hydraluron, but for the moment I think I'll stick with serums and moisturisers that contain Hyaluronic Acid as they seem to be working well for me rather than forking out for this.


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