Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Digital Decor: Fantastic Photographic Canvases

Twitter is a great thing. A thing of greatness. It put me in contact with Andrew Greenwood, who produces digital decor out of his business called (rather handily): Digital Decor.

I had an idea the Wednesday before my wedding anniversary (on Sunday) about a present that would be pretty perfect for the Husband: A picture of the family on a canvas. I had this idea at 10pm on Wednesday night while I was browsing the #irishbizparty stream on twitter. Andrew and I had a witty conversation (the guy is pretty awesome) and he said he would try to help me out if I sent him a few images on Thursday morning. I didn't expect to get anything by the Sunday (good work takes a bit of time... and I had high hopes).

Trawling through all the family pictures looking for a nice picture of all of us left me empty handed, but I spotted a few pictures that I thought would make for a striking canvas. I popped them off in a mail to Andrew and he got back to me right away and gave me some great advice as to the images. He worked a little magic (flipping and cropping one of the images so that they were uniform) and sent me a mock up.

The mock ups looked amazing and I started getting antsy. I just couldn't wait to get my hands on them and show then to himself. Andrew kept me up to date via twitter and said to me that with the drying time I would probably only have the canvases towards the middle of the following week, but that he would post them off on Monday. I was ok with that.

When the Postman rang twice on Tuesday morning I was expecting a package, but not a heavy one wrapped very securely in layers of bubble wrap. When I realised what was in the bubble wrap I ripped (carefully mind you) with joyful abandon to get to the two Canvases out. And I was not disappointed.

I absolutely adore the pictures of the kids, and My husband was mighty impressed too. The Kids thought they were "Awesome" and friends that have seen them are also impressed with the amount of detail and how beautifully the images came out. Andrew really did a sterling job, on something that is essentially a small job for him. I can only imagine what his bigger works are like.

And he offers a huge range of products. From amazing wall coverings (of either your own or stock images) to canvases, roll up banners to block mounted images, Aluminium floating frames and desktop mounts (that look incredible), Andrew does pretty much anything you could want to hang on a wall. He does it with care and amazing customer service.

Prices vary depending in what product you choose, but I think they are pretty competitive, especially if you consider the amazing quality of the product you are paying for. This is a professional, hand finished product, the canvas is super heavy, properly folded and secured and the back is neatly finished. The corners of the actual wooden frame are properly secured as well, this is no cheap-ass, mass produced Penney's special. Digital Decor products are going stand out, in your home or your business.

I know exactly what I will be getting the in-laws as gifts as I really think that a portrait of the kids is something that would be cherished by them. I am already taking more photos of the kids and of us as a family and a couple so that I can get my next picture done.

You can get hold of Andrew via email (contact@digitaldecor.ie ) or on twitter @Digital_Decor

**Products paid for by me and opinions are my own

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