Thursday, 6 March 2014

Best of Beauty : Princess Product

I missed last week's installment of the Best Of Beauty Bloggers Challenge (courtesy of Samantha from because I managed to get sucked into a black hole last week and I am only just managing to claw my way out of it again now.

This weeks post is all about your one favourite high end product.

Problem. I don't own very many high end products. I own two. Both of which I won. And so I think Sam will forgive me for including both in this post. Because technically one of them is no more...

Both are NARS products. And I adore both. Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in New Lover (€25), and the Cult Classic that is Orgasm powder blush (€30). Oh la la, Francois! Mon Amie!

Everybody loves a good Orgasm... and this is the original Rose Gold product that started the obsession. It is just that: a Rosy blush with a gorgeous gold glow that really comes through when you buff and blend it into the skin. I use this one on special occasions and when I need a pick me up. If I broke this my heart would break but I would order a replacement immediately, even if it meant that I had to live off mouldy toast.

New Lover Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil is The only kind of gloss I like on my lips. Its more like a sheer lipstick than a gloss. And I Loved it. Until I found it in the tumble drier and discovered that the gloss had melted all into the lid. The wash that was in the tumble drier belonged to my 8yr old Daughter. The little minx "borrowed" my Freakin Nars pencil and forgot to return it and it was in her coat's secret pocket.

I will replace My Nars Velvet gloss pencil. Not just yet, I have a myriad of other lip colours to choose from. But eventually, I will get another one, and I will HIDE it from Hannah.


  1. Little correction Cindy. Everybody loves a GREAT orgasm! Like this one is :-)

  2. I really need to get this blusher. I only own one Nars product.

  3. I have both of these and am almost finished both too!! Boo :(

  4. I hope this week was a little less black for you. x

    NARS Orgasm is my favourite blush, sadly I ran out and haven't been able to repurchase it yet.

    P.S. Your daughter has great taste in lip products. :)

  5. Oh, I've always wanted Nars Orgasm but somehow never picked it up! Gorgeous!

    alex @

  6. I still haven't tried out any NARS product. I must be the only beauty blogger in the world, maybe I'm entitled to an award for this?

  7. Orgasm is SO good.. and suits everyone! Def a cult product! Must try the lip pencils! x

  8. I forgive you as I LOVE Nars! Only got Orgasm myself a couple of months ago and I've used it literally every day since! xx


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