Monday, 17 February 2014

Úr Make Up: Some New Bits

I have already rave about my Purple Travel Brush Set from Úr Makeup, and now I want to tell you about their Re-usable Silicone Mascara wands and their Makeup sponges. Nichola Graham sent these to me to try and I am so glad she did.

The Silicone Mascara wands are re-usable. Handy when you have found a formulation that is great, but the brush is gimmicky and fiddly. These would be insanely useful to make up artists because you don't have to waste money buying disposable (throw away) make up wands, you can just chuck these into hot water with a bit of dish soap and scrub the mascara off of them and then give them a soak in Milton Solution to sterilise them.

A mixed pack of 40 Black wands costs €8.99.  The Pink ones are super cute though and you can get a mixed pack of 30 pink wands for €6.99. Or you can choose a pack of your favourite wands. Your choice.

Úr Make Up is also putting a bit of fun and colour into Makeup Tools with their Makeup Sponges! Available in flesh, white, black, purple, orange, light green, light blue, light pink, bright pink and yellow. Choose your favourite colour for €4 per sponge. And for that price, you could get a few, in different colours.

I like that this sponge has the little dip in the middle, it fits into your fingers nicely. The rounded bottom part is great for bouncing foundation onto the skin, which I rather like to do on my skin, kind of like a mini massage. The pointy end is great at getting into creases around the nose and is soft enough to use around the eyes.

If you hurry up you can catch a 20% discount off the Mascara wands and the Make up Sponges, and you can get 50% off the Mini Brush sets! I know that Nichola has a few more things in the pipe line (stuff that is going to be 100% made in Ireland... YAY!) so keep an eye on the Úr Makeup website!

 **products sent for review, opinions my own


  1. That's brilliant! Would probably be great with those ever-clumping mascaras, or just in order to brush through after a coat of my fave one. Wonder if she ships internationally...

  2. Oh wow, love those mascara wands... def going to have a look see. Ta for heads up!


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